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Would any one be interested in a EVO and GTR breakfast meet next summer at evotune no date arranged yet see if can get enough interest before setting a date don't want to waste Jamie's time it would be a Sunday
List of people and cars attending.EVOTUNE, Sunday,9.00am,7th may,2017.

EVOTUNE, Unit2, Skillion Business Centre, Langley moor, Durham, DH7 8HG.

1.tooshy320--- EVO 9 GT.
2.Riverevo6---EVO 6.
3.Bava---EVO 8.
4.Ragleyman---EVO 5 and EVO 9.
5.tracker---EVO 8.
6.Spud76(if not offshore).--- EVO 9 fq360.
7.Sadieuk74---GTR and EVO 6.
8.stevebt(if car is running)---EVO6.
9.pt9---EVO 9.
10.Sti69--- EVO 7.
11.Kieron Watson--- EVO 6 TME.
12.GibletPH--- EVO X.
13.Benbo--EVO 9 GT.
14.ray671984-- EVO 7 GT-A.
15.A1Hunter-- EVO 5.
16.Mad manni-- EVO 6.
17.RSgeoff-- EVO 6.
18.heaveho--EVO 8 Mivec.
19.akko--EVO 9.
20.Shakey_Jake188--EVO 6 TME.
1 - 20 of 81 Posts
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