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I have just had this engine built for me sprint car but have took a different route for this season and have x2 new projects. this was built by who i consider to be the best in the business at this, Evotune and they have built me 3 engines now, all 2.3, all with the same components and all ran well over 600bhp doing track days and sprints and they have always stood the test of time.

My first engine was built by them 6 year ago, i ran over 40 track days at over 650 bhp and its now running upwards of 700bhp and stil going strong in a members car down in london

its still in the clingfilm wrapping and hasnt turned a single revolution or been fitted to the car

2.3 stroker
CP Pistons
Bridgeway rods
ACL race bearings
4g64 Crank
brand new oil pump
Adjustable cam pulleys
GT series 275 cams (specked for response)
uprated brand new springs and retainers
new crank sensor
crackle black rocker cover with -10 fittings

All of this is just ready to drop into your car, nothing else needed


i also have a rossport 3076HTA turbo, which made 620bhp on exactly the same spec engine as this last year and won a mlr sprint event - this is £3000 and has the race upgrade, i have a receipt for this turbo kit for well over £4000, so a huge saving on new and done very very little miles
1 - 20 of 23 Posts