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If you get wheel wobble under braking especially from higher speeds - try getting the front tracking
set with 2.5mm tow out - that's 1.25mm each side, air towards 3mm rather than 2mm.

My theory is that some discs go out a tiny little bit within a few thousand miles, the front bearings
on the EVO 5/6 are not exactly huge but the discs are, therefore as soon as the wheel bearings
start to run out even slightly they cause an even bigger runout at the edge of the disc.

My tyres run well on this tow out setting with no visible extra wear and it justs loads up the front
bearings enough at high speed therefore stopping any tiny wooble exagerating and feeding back to the steering.

When my EVO 6GSR was new at 1000 miles it developed the wobble problem at high speed braking - it was actually quite bad. When it went in for a service I asked them to 4 wheel align the tracking and they gave me a before and after setting - Before showed 1.5mm front tow in and after showed 2.5mm front tow out and the wooble from high speed braking had gone completely - 100% not a sign of it.

After 12000miles and a few track days and whilst at an 85 degree C track day at Bedford autodrome I heard a big clonk under the front of the car - I came straight in with very hot brakes (not the thing to do) - Next time out I had wooble under braking. Must be brake discs surely ?? I booked the car for new discs and pads and 4 wheel alignment. 700 miles later the wooble was back !! so I asked the garage (a different garage) for the tow setting they had used and they said 1-2mm tow in. As a test I got out the trolley jack and put on some tow out myself there and then and went for a test drive - the wooble had gone again completely.

My DIY tow out was reset to 2.2mm tow out and everything is just great - no wooble at all.

Of course if you can feel it clearly it on the pedal pulsating up and down then that's a different matter and must mean that the discs are scrap.

Since all that, because of a fault with the new disc and pad combination they have been replaced again but that's another story (basically the Mintex pads were wearing through the discs). Always stick with Brembo pads I would suggest otherwise everything gets a lot hotter than it's meant to. Mine are fitted with cross drilled and grooved discs fitted by Dragon Autosport - With their special brake fluid.
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