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Well i decided to give my lancer a hard run the other day.
Been to worried about doing it but went for it.Had it right off the clock, so was about 200 odd kmph witch i was rather impressed about.Not bad for a old 2lt carby.
One thing that i did notice was the lack of braking!!
After putting the 4g63 in i have niticed it.Dont now if its extra weight or just the fact that it has enough power now to be able to get to a half desent speed.

Anyway, wat i am wanting to know is if anyone in nz has some better brakes that they want to sell.I would prefere the whole strut and brakes, but will settle for just the disc and caliper if i have too.

Wat im looking for is either 1800gsr, starion or sigma/galant turbo front brakes.

Anyone intrested in selling some plz let me know as i cant find any.


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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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