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My GSR 1800 is suffering from steering vibration under braking ( ever since castle combe track day )
I have fitted new disks to the rear ( evo 111 ) , although the disks and pads at front are fine , they
must be warped !!! .
Does anyone know if Evo 1 to 111 discs will fit straight on the front , co-ordsport have said the part
number is different for the front discs , where as the rears have the same part number?
If they don t fit is there an alternative ?
regards Richard....

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Evo III discs won't fit unless you have the calipers to match them as the Evo brakes are a good bit bigger on the front than the 1800 GSR's. I've uprgraded my GSR front brakes to EvoII spec which was a simple swap over job. Anyway just one thing to check before you go buying new discs is that ALL 4 wheels are balanced, If the rear wheels are out of balance it can also cause vibration when braking;)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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