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Hi Lads,
I got the Alfa 164 through the National car test (MOT in UK). When the car came to the brake testing i just realised something!, They dropped the front 2 wheels into rollers and left the rears on level ground. After securing the car with straps they start up the rollers and apply the brakes to get a reading, then they repeat this for the rear wheels.
Now! What the hell happens if the try this on my GSR (when back to 4wd border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >)?. Won't the Viscous coupling try to send drive to the wheels that are on level ground?. My understanding of the GSR/EvoI-III gearboxes is pretty good at this stage and i think that this might cause damage to the V/C or the centre diff. If the car wasn't secured down with straps the V/C would send power to the level ground wheels and push/pull the car out of the rollers. But by straping the car down this will put huge pressure on the cars gearbox.
Any opinions welcome because aswell as my own GSR due for testing in a few weeks i also have friends with Evo's that are due soon and i don't won't any gearbox nightmares AGAIN!!.

p.s the Alfa passed!! wonders never cease[img] border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >.

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When i got my car MOT'd they said they would test it by doing a brake test on the road. They never did in the end and it still pasted its MOT.
What about rear wheel drive cars they must be tested in the sameway as front wheel drive but the test will only look at the rear brakes which seems a bit pointless as they do the least work.

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Hi Al,
Good point about testing the brakes on the road, but i don't fancy some idiot thrashing my cars brakes on public roads

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The MOT station has a testing device they put in the footwell, they drive at about 30mph on the normal road, stop quickly and the 'thingy' has a reading indicating the braking force.
Its the same a used on any off-roader etc.

Not a big deal really.


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Mot brake tests!!!
First if the tester says he wants to road test to check the brakes, you can request to go with them. The device they use is a decelerometer and the speed the test is done at is 20mph so no worries about thrashing.
The Mot testers manual says (amongst other things) that a car with permanent 4wd and or lsd should not be tested on the rollers, they should be tested as obove.
I hope this helps and sets some poeples minds at rest

Regards Sean
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