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Hi guys,

Can anyone shed some light on a problem that has recently started happening on my Evo IV.

When braking at medim to slow speeds I can feel a pulsing from the brakes. As if the brakes are repeatedly working and then releasing a little. There is no judder from the steering wheel as this happens so doesn't feel as if the discs are warped. Could it be the ABS?

Anyone else experienced this or able to offer some advice?



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Bit odd. I had a very similar problem on the rear discs on my lotus elan, and that was an out of shape disc. Not warped, just a little out of shape.Still had to buy news on though.(Whihc fixed it- you could see the disc was out of shape when it was off the car and held up in front of you)
Basically something must be pushing the pad back into the caliper.
Does the pulsing occur at various rates depending on your speed. eg at 40 MPH does it pulse more than at 20mph. If it does then I suggest the disc is out of shap or something is moving the pad back (Perhaps a pad has managed to become slightly skewed in the caliper (I've had this on my race car also but it was combined with a lack of initial bite on the pedal)
Only other thing I've heard of similar is somethng on the servo leaking, but they usually push back all the time or become 'rock hard'.

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When I first drove my EVO 4 and I braked reasonably hard the ABS cut in sooner than I would have expected. I have only owned one other car fitted with ABS, an RS Turbo and you had to be in a real panic situation to set off the ABS although that system was rather crude compared to the EVO and only on the front wheels.

If you are worried then it is always worth getting the brakes checked out but I suspect that it is the ABS being over efficent.


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