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I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem (Crap customer service). I had ordered a set of front and amp; rear brake pads from Ralliart and they also charged me the usual £9 next day delivery charge, anyway I ordered them and took the day off work to take my car to my local and trust worthy mechanic to fit them. Guess what! They did not arrive, I waited till midday, even though I was meant to take my car to the garage for 9am, I got no phone call from Ralliart, so I decided to call them. It just happens to be they knew there was a problem with Parceline, they had accidentaly ripped the padded envelope they were sent in (who puts heavy and fragile items such as brake pads in a padded envelope is beyond me). I told them I had taken a day off work and I had paid the next day delivery charge, yet I received no phone call, WHY NOT! considering how much RALLIART charge over other suppliers, I was told they had no more in stock to send me, so I would have to wait for the orginal order or cancel the order, I told the sales person I'm not shopping at Tesco's and it isn't a loaf of bread I've ordered, brake pads are essential items, anyway he apologised for the delay but did not have the courtesy to offer anything for compensation. It took just under 2 weeks to arrive (quality next day delivery service), and I then called RALLIART the same day to get them to refund the charge for 'next day delivery', and this gets better, I had to call on several occasions, and this also took almost 2 weeks to do.


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Yes, all to often. At least they sent you the right parts after several weeks of waiting ! I've given up using them. I ordered a part that they had to get in from japan, they didn't take payment but said they would do that when it arrived in around 8 weeks time. I'm still waiting after 7 months ! Good job it was none-essential.

You soon find other dealers who can find you stuff faster and more accuratly.
Evo 1,2,3 brakes are easy to source as EBC do them, about 40 odd quid I think from any motorsport suppliers.

If you want more parts try these fellas:

S and amp;E motorparts - 01225 811814
JaParts - 020 8202 8963 ( - on line enquiry, list what you want and they mail back availability, price etc. They get 2 shipments per week so anything coming direct from Japan takes 10 days at most - unless it is super-unusual)

Rally places are pretty handy as well:
Ears motorsports do quite a bit for the E1,2,3 - 01625 433773 - Especially handy if you need body panels, timing belts, etc

Some parts are shared with the Proton Persona (Ssshh) as it is the same bodyshell - Handy if you need a windscreen or a door, etc. Eventually I'm going to find out what parts are common and make a list for the club - when I get chance !

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