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Afternoon all.

Minor issue I noticed on the car last Sept before parking her up for winter, like to get parts in to fix it for summer now.

Brakes judder quite violently through steering wheel but only well over 70mph and braking quite hard. At any other speed and driving normally they are faultless.

Brake discs and pads are 1000 miles old and car is never driven in anger so I'd be shocked if it were warped discs due to overheating. Possibly deposits from not using car regularly or wheel bearing?

Discs: Godspeed one piece grooved
Pads: Cosworth Streetamaster
I've been having the same issue but with kevlar pads, I've only done 4k / 8months on my discs and pads but it's a little difficult to ask a garage to remove them and hold on to the car while Godspeed verify if it's a warped disc.

Being a metrologist I've been taught in life there is uncertainty of error in all manufacturing industries and that there is a 99.73% there may not be a manufacturing fault but there is still a 0.27% chance it could be.

I know a few guys who work on CMM Machines who are also studying metrology and they admit them selves that if they do a 100 point check the disc is likely to pass then say doing 1000 point check (which is more time consuming and not cost effective) so there is still a chance of warping....

It could be possible due to deposits - uneven pad wear - hub - etc etc. cost could be endless (OEM hubs ~ £500 for the front)

When braking very gently do the pad bite and release? (more noticeable when driving at slow speed) I guess you could give it some stick on some b road and hard braking and see if it clears. Mine seems to get worse the warmer it gets.

A bit difficult not to have the handbrake up unless I roll the car on to the wall of my house - so its not an option for me.

let us know how you resolve it? I'm having mine replaced with Ross Sport disc and Hawks pads and it'll give me a chance to send the disc back to Godspeed and if they have warped Godspeed have advised me they would replace them - so to be fair that is good enough for me as i would save them when I eventually need to replace my discs again. - then again i paid double which isn't ideal. I'll probably need to vacuum seal them to stop them from rusting while in storage. :wallbang:

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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