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Does anyone have any information on the Bradi (I think that is how it's spellled) rotors for an Evo VI?
Seems these may be made by Brembo (i.e. the same as the OEM part) but sold under a different name.
Any experience?

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Can you eloborate on your experience?
I'm one of the lucky few who never had serious warping of the OEM rotors, so if the Bradi rotors are the same they may be a good option for me...

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supposedly they are 'better quality' than the oem, unfortunately i tried them and it was warp, warp, warp
imho crap

if you do fit them then use low performance (ie oem) pads so it takes longer to stop and they wont get so hot and you may be ok

put less hunter 2 piece ones on now (only slightly more expensive) and haven't managed to warp them despite trying very hard


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I tried them too.

Warped in under 2,000 miles.

Now upgraded to the AP rotors and 4 pot kit. Have to say, no warping as yet. But nowhere near the same stopping power as the OEMs!

Thought it might get better as they bedded in, but not really.

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