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Boxhill Meet

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When is the next Boxhill Meet.

I have just got back in to another EVO VI, Jerry Flints old car and have missed out on a number of good meets.

Would be nice to meet some of you guy's and girls.

Plus I am only about 30 minutes away.

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Hi Skeletor,

I usually organise the Boxhill meets through my Yahoogroups list


There aren't any plans for another until February but the Mitsi GTO club are trying to organise something down there in december. Other than that, I will always post info about the next meets in this forum.


Apparently the 200 club are meeting there the following w/e, should
be a decent turnout.

If you fancy a run out in your car, how about a run over to Hastings/Camber
next Sunday morning , im game :cool:

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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