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Box Hill today

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Wow , what a bloody fantastic day at Box Hill !!!!!!!!!!!!

Bikes were amazing, havent seen wheelies like that in ages,
evo turn out was superb, lots of top birds (especially the northern
gal that couldn't stop getting her t1ts out!!! border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle > ) and a superb
atmosphere.....made Bolney look ever so dull !!!

Great to put some new faces to names too !

Shame the miserable sod coppers tried to spoil the fun 8-(

Justin and amp;lt;big grin and amp;gt;
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Yellow 5,

Have to agree, a great day.

Just a shame a few more people did'nt have a go down the dual carriageway.

It felt like it was just me and the bikes at times.

And the girls, never seen anything like it. 36 DD WOW!.

Biggest nipples I have ever seen. Almost the same size as my Blitz Nur-Spec back box.

Few new faces. Did you find out the spec of the silver EVO 4 and what power was it kicking out.

Looking forward to the next one.

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Yes, great day out. Sorry I didn't get to talk to all the Evo owners but there were some gr8 looking motas. The bikes, models, music, sunshine - only plod to ruin it. And the highlight. The lads on the scooters doing wheelies at about 20 mph LOL.
######, I missed the nipples! Does the driver of that 400bhp 4 post on here?

John, I would have joined you down the carriageway, but before I could find out where everyone was we were on our way home! Had a little play with Geffers following his Ducati down the A23 at about 120mph on the way back, very nice bike!

Whens the next meet there?
Hi boys

popped in on the way down from london, didn't have time to say hello,

Icelle blue looked and sounded good, Black Vr4 est having a good go,

Can that yellow 5 get any speed up with those amps in the boot?

White evo 1 looked good, very under rated car way ahead of others of the same age.
Seeing a 2 or 3 yr old scooby next to an evo 1 makes you realise how much they copied old mitsubishi's

Does anyone know what the imp had under the bonnet

Cheers Tony
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Great day!!
Yellow5 glad you enjoyed sister inlaws t!ts (shame they dont run in the family)
she had a great time 2 and wants 2 know when she can get em out again.
drive home could have been better with you and my m8 on his gsxr 750
but we had that slow g40 with us shame
Totaly agree with simon Mr plod spoiled the day.

Black knight.
thanks 4 the nice words about my under rated evo1

what happend 2 u m8

p.s when we doing it again?
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Phaps its just cos I look real young, but how many of you got asked by the teenagers on their bikes on the way out,'How much did ya pay fa dat den mate?'. What kind of question is that to ask someone.....
Joe,nice car mate. Couldn't be arsed to drive through the car park again just to park on the grass all day. Intention was to race on 'circuit' but with plod there that wasn't going to happen. Unfortunately. Sue (my girlfriend) had to get back for her parents wedding anniversary - something I hadn't accounted for way back in January when I planned this day. Doesn't it just make you wish you had the money for a £25,000 Evo!!!!!!!! Justin - fantastic looking car!! Would have liked 2 have talked 2 u some more. There will be another time no doubt! Also wanted to see how quick Joe's rs was compared 2 mine. Oh well, good day anyway!! We can always meet up again.
Breasts out!
Sounds like a max power event:D
Justin, Must have been your supermodel good looks that helped you there mate:D:D:D
Sorry to have pestered you Sunday but thanks for the info, all sorted!
P/S who answered 'swallow' to the all important question then?

I get asked the same question all the time and at the Boxhill meet.

Its not what they cost to buy its what they cost you afterwards.

Never satisfied.


she said gargle m8
Thats what I like to hear:D
Whay you not biting?:D
Me ? Bite ?
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