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Nothing to do this Sunday ? Fancy a run out ? Come and support the MLR !


The MLR have a team entered in the above event this year competing against teams from other car clubs, Audi, Alfa, MG, Porsche, Peugeot and Renault. The event takes place at the PF International Karting Track in Lincolnshire, directions etc at :-

The action starts from approx 10am


SEE YOU SUNDAY - Trevor :) :)

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If anyone is interested, the Lancer Register came second in the Ferodo trophy against 15 other Car club teams, and 6th overal in the race which included 4 private (expericenced kart teams). We finished about 1 second behind the winning alfa team.
I'm sure the few of you who saw it will agree the final laps were exciting !
The driver of that stint was me. The rest of the team was Al (Silver RS), my brother and my friend.
We qualified 5th overal. Directly behind the Alfa team. Within about 2 laps we had got past the alfas to lead the ferodo trophy and passed a private team into 3rd. We pitted and changed drivers, we then dropped down to about 9th. After a few more driver changes we had clawed back up to 6th overal and 2nd behind the Alfas again. However there was a big gap.
We dropped back again, after changing drivers. We then clawed backup again, the race proved to be a mix of wet and dry, the wet being very slippy indeed.
The team did a good job and we got back to 2nd place again behind the alfas. They pitted for the final driver change just as we did. As they left the pits I climbed aboard for the final stint. The Alfa team were about 10-12 seconds ahead and we had about 12 laps (The track was a kilometer long)
I went for it.
I pulled in the alfa, driving my heart out, taking 4 seconds off him in one lap. I snuck behind on a fast left/right twist and then got a run on him through the 90 degreee turn that leads into the start-finish straight. We went neck and neck into the first (almost) flat out 180 degree curve. He left me exactly one kart width and I took it. I could see him at the side and so slowly drifted out to the kerb, forcing him to lose momentum. I then covered my line into the next hairpin.
I had him. The lead was ours, after almost 100 kilometers of racing we had done it. I had 3 laps to go.
Then I could feel rain on my face through the open visor.
I knew the karts were tough in the wet and I was cautious as the track felt very unpredicatable.
I covered my lines, 2 laps to go.
Still raining, not very hard. I covered my lines again as he was not far away. My lap times had dropped by about 2 seconds.
The last lap.
Still ahead, I went into the second haripin smoothly, but at my acceleration point the track was slightly damper than the last lap. The kart slid wide of the apex by about 3 feet and I lost a little momentum. The alfa man was past !
He waved at the pits but there was still 6 corners left and I don't give up.
I dived into the esses, and realed him in, going through the long left right bends I was directly behind him again. He knew I was there and tried feainting his line into the final bend. I anticipated this and took a different line agian to get maximum drive, hoping to nick past on the start finish. But there was not quite enough tarmac, and we lost by about 1 second.
I was very upset. BUT what a race. The Alfa demanded we return for a re-match. Good lads.

As stated, my brother set the fastest time of all the car club runners. a 53.33 seconds lap. The fastest private team was a 52.86. Interestingly, the next fastest lap set by the alfa team was actually a few tenths slower than the fastest laps set by my friend and myself (both very low 54.2's)

All credit to Al, it was only his second kart race and he had fast (60mph) outdoor kars and rain to deal with. He may have been slower than the rest of the Mitsi team but we've done a lot of kartraces together. At least he kept it on the track when needed and you could see him learning and getting quicker. A bit more practice now and we will have the trophy next year !

A shame a few more people couldn't take part, another team or two would have been excellent. Try it next year, its bloody great !

Head hanging in shame for lossing the race on the last lap :(
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