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After 2-3 weeks of cutting, screwing, head scratching and waiting for bits, i finally finished my sound system.

First thing i did was to install the headunits, the upper units is a tape deck, the lower a MD slave unit. I purchased these off the bay, and althou i know that no one ever uses tapes anymore, i bought the Kenwood unit as it one of the top PS models and has all the EQ i need for the rest of the system.

The idea was to install a Kenwood Changer switching unit, which i have now, so i can also control a CD autochager aswell as the MD slave unit.

Next thing i did was to decide on how to build the boot install. I had a JL 13W7 and JL 1000/1 amp which i kept from the Skymera. As the boot in the E1 is very shallow and small, it took a bit of working out to design and build the correct box size into it. The other major problem was where the amps were gonna sit. I needed 3 amp, front, rear and sub.

As the sub amp was too big to mount anywhere, i decided to make a false floor and sink it into there. The amp sit on a board resting on the spare wheel which is removable. the floor around it can be lifted to gain access to the spare in an emergency.

The front and rear speakers were then fitted. Was a bit of a tight fit but managed to get 7x10 rear speakers into the rear deck. The door werent too bad, just had to cut in some tweeters and swap over the 5" door speakers. Ive now decided to get some 4" speakers for the front dash locations (waiting on those.)

Now was the hard part. The combination of the box and sub made the unit extremily heavy, i had to lift and fit this into the car once the false floor was in. I managed it with a bit of help and got the box secured in place. All the wiring for the system i had already fed thru in advance. The box and sub amp where now done.

Next, i designed 2 panels which joined onto the sides of the subbox at an angle, these were to hold the 2 smaller JL amps.

As luck would have it, the 2 smaller JL amps arrived saturday afternoon, so last night or should i say 1am this morning, i got cracking and fitted them to complete the system.

Its now all done and working, just need to tune it in and im good.
Heres the list of audio equipement followed by the final pics. More pics in My Car page.

Kenwood KRC-PS979R Head Unit
Kenwood KMD-400 MD Slave Unit
Kenwood KDC-C717 10 Disc Changer
Kenwood KCA-S210A Changer Switching Unit
Kenwood Tweeters
JL Audio TR400cxi coaxials (awaiting)
JL Audio TR500cxi coaxials
Kenwood HQ-718 7"x10"
2 x JL Audio e2150 2x 75watts RMS
JL Audio 13W7 D1.5
JL Audio 1000/1 Amp 1000watts RMS
JL AUdio RBC-1 Bass Control Knob
1 Farrad Cap
Maxxima Exide 900DC Gel Battery

Any good?

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Our kids noticed this last weekend.

They put the arm rest down and had there drinks from Kentucky resting on the arm rest. We had some Yellow playing and they started to laugh there heads off.
The bass from the sub was actually bouncing the straws around.

So in my ultimate wisdom I put a Malteaser in the tray that you get to put you drinks in and that was bouncing around very well indeed.

Something to keep the kids entertained for a while if they are getting bored at any time.

Looking sweet though m8.

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i cant remember exactly how i got that, i think my cousin had it on single, i borrowed it and copied it cos it was a canny track. Dont know much about here, but sounds sexy, you know, all that french stuff.
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