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It seems that my Blitz boost solenoid either doesn't work or doesn't work properly with my GEMS ECU. I need a solenoid that does work.

The standard one does, but it is not very fast acting. I have heard that the Apexi one should, and also have heard of a Motec 3 port. What exactly is a 3 port and how would that work with the GEMS?

Any help would be greatly appreciated so i can put to bed my boost problems.

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a 3 port solenoid has, bizarrely enough :D, 3 ports, one for the inlet from the turbo, one for the outlet to the wastegate actuator and a further port for the vent. The solenoid actually sits in the line between the turbo and the actuator.

This compares to a standard 2 port solenoid that runs from a T-piece in the line between the turbo and the actuator.

The 3 ports tend to work better because they can shut off the supply to the wastegate actuator completely until it is needed to open whereas with a 2 port solenoid, you can't stop boost pressure getting to the actuator and so you can get wastegate creep and fluctuations in opening due to not being able to avoid pressure spikes opening the actuator (which is what you may be suffering from??)

A 3 port should operate in exactly the same way as the 2 port with the GEMS but due to the design of the solenoid it should stop the boost fluctuations and wastegate creep.

Hope this helps


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should have spoke to claude when he was at japan he says their where loads of different kinds and very cheap compare to here,i ordered an apexi but cancelled it coz im gonna get the ecu and have a dawes fitted

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i run a 3 port on my car, it is made by denso and not expensive
it works as andy says ie gives the best possible boost rise
also means that the actual waste gate spring pressure is not determining the boost level any more
this means you dont have two different boost control systems at the same time confusing things
two things to watch out for are getting the sense of the solinoid around the right way
ie not trying to shut the waste gate when u want to open it and vise versa
and the other thing is that they are quite restrictive so you may not need the restrictor from the compressor any more (if u have one) or if there is one any where else it may struggle to control the boost properly as the restrictors slow the response time
if the gems is able to do boost control via the oem solinoid then it should be able to operate the 3 port by wiring it to the original connector
also will need to check that gems has adjustable sensitivity ie can control its reaction time, if reaction time to quick it will over correct and boost will oscillate if two slow boost will take too longer to rise to target and too long to fall if overshoots
i think u said it gems 3d boost u want to lock out boost ie hold wastegate open till about 40% throttle or so to stop bucking bronco syndrome

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