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spent most of today putting a boost gauge in my e4 today:smthumbup took the power off the *** lighter as i need power only when the key is turned on, hardest part was getting the boost pipe thru the bulk head :blah:
anyway its in and looks awsome , considering my new build e6 engine runs 100% and feels very quick when on boost i couldent believe the gauge showed just 0.7 bar:lol: well happy cant wait to see what 1.2 bar will feel like, and also i do have a new 1.2 bar actuator on but it still will only pull standard boost i think thats cus it bleeds the rest away? not to sure but i will be taking the boost solanoid off and putting a dawes device on, 1.2 bar should be ok but i will get the AFR,S checked after ;)
here,s a pic

0.4 on tick

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