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Boost gauge/controller

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I have just done my first mods - front pipe, Hyper, Racing suction kit - all done by RC. I have no Boost gauge and wonder if anyone can recommend any - I prefer the digital readout type with mapping etc, am i better going for an APEXI/Blitz controller unit?
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From what I can work out here is my guide to the main differences between the 2

Apex'i AVC-R Advantages over Blitz
Allows rpm mappable boost control which is v. good for smoothing out power delivery and torque curves and allows you to 'tune' the boost to your driving style.
Allows you to monitor injector duty cycles so you can see what your fuelling is like (to an extent)

Blitz SBC-iD Advantages over Apex'i
Allows you to set a boost warning level when, if reached, the boost will drop by a value that you want. This allows you to set the boost warning to come in before the engine fuel cuts and so is better for the engine when you are turning up the boost. AFAIK the Apex'i doesn't have this feature.
When setup with the Blitz Power-iD you can monitor almost any engine output you wish including air/fuel ratio etc etc therefore allowing access to a bit more engine information.

AFAIK, both of them have a scramble boost mode (overboost for a set time) and both have a self learn mode where they recognise your style of driving and adjust the boost response curve as you go.

This is just my opinion on the differences and I'm sure you'll get plenty of other peoples views.....

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Thanks Andy, going to see if RC have any second hand Apexi gear
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