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) and amp;gt; question: what's the best Boost-Controler for my EVO VI

they aren't all the same ..which one has the best price/performance
combination ?

- price
- access to oil-temp, .. etc... ..and things you don't really need
- own boost adj. for each gear ?
- Prog. for low boost / high boost
- add. Boost-Button (HKS)

..dont't know, wich one i've to buy !! :(

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ohne Stürgrät gaht nüt, für en Zehntel me boost lohnt es sich nöd. Am Samschtig chömmer das nomal im detail a luege.

Sorry, but it's my last day on the forum so forgive me pleazzzeeeeeee!

See ya


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I've had the HKS EVC IV in my Scooby and found I could never get it to hold steady boost at higher revs. You can't set it up nearly as accurately as an Apexi unit (which I've now got) and haven't got the additional features with it. Basically I wouldn't bother with an HKS and just go straight for the Apexi unless someone can tell me and you better.


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As an HKS dealer border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >

The Blitz SBC-iD is the best controller out there at the mo'
in terms of features/technology (IMHO), downside is the cost (£525|PLS|v)

Apexi AVCR is a great controller with loads of features,
its a PITA to set-up and fine tune, almost impossible
to adjust on the move (ROFL) the display is a little
intrusive for some - try mounting in roof lining [img] border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >
but still a top piece of kit (especially for gadget freaks)

Simplest to use is the Blitz DSBC, I have this in my evo and
its just so simple to use, you can swap between boost levels by turning one
button and you can even adjust the boost programme whilst
on the move ! (with a bit of practice).

You cant really go wrong with any of the above, for every person
that prefers the Blitz DSBC , there is someone who prefers the AVCR [img] border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >


Justin Foden

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There is a newer BLitz that is better.. not positive, but think it is called the SBC-DC.

Does rpm boost mapping. The APexi AVC-R is better than the SBC-ID IMHO. The new SBC-DC is probably the best on the market.

SBC-ID does road speed mapping - which sucks IMHO.

Good old fashioned controllers - the Dual SBC is cool.

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you basically need a boost controller that can map according to the rev range. ie increase in the mid range and decrease at the top for safety. this way you end up with the best of both worlds. the apexi is only unit that can do that as far as i know. if you want to get a controller that just raises the boost get a manual boost controller for 50$-100$ that will achieve the same result for a fraction of the price. like the Dawe (see my post a month ago) or the turbo smart HPXS which scoobymike has. both will give you the same results.

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