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Sorry if youve read this message elsewhere !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Guys,

I have now spoken to the Landlord of the Bolney stage, so we have a
confirmed date / booking !

The date is the 16th March (as hoped). They are very much looking forward
to having us back, and the landlord was more than enthusiastic about the
event. He was very impressed with the last one we held there, so can't wait
for the next.

The pub will hopefully be closed to us...i will confirm that nearer the
time, but he did remember that we agreed it would be a saturday, so
hopefully his wife passed on that she promised to reserve the pub for our

He does have a bar menu, but mentioned that he may cook a roast so that
those that want it, can have a nice meal while they are there.

I said we'd start to turn up around a similar 11.30am is the
start time for the meet.

I'm really looking forward to this, and i hope it will be as big as the
last.....those who've said to me they'll pass on the details to the various
lists, can you please now pass on that the meet is to be held on Saturday
the 16th March from 11.30 am onwards.

One thing i'd like to ask, can we please pass on that i want to avoid the
fly-by's that were performed last time. I know they look good, but it's
not the place. It's a built up residentual area and is a 30 or 40 limit.
There will again be cars parked on the grass verges as not everyone will get
in the car park (although i'll try and organise the parking better to
maximise the use of the car park and the large grass verge behind it), so in
my opinion it's too dangerous to be travelling at the sorts of speeds we saw
last time. Everyone there knows the cars are quick, so no-one needs to
prove anything....and i (as the organiser) am ultimately responsible.....and
could do without the hassle if someone gets hurt.

That aside, i look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible. This
really is gonna be wicked.....(don't be put off by the weather, it's at a
pub afterall, so we can all take cover inside if need be !!!!).


PS We've broken the 35 car barrier already :)

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I am helping Darren organise the Evo side of things for this meet.

So far we have the following confirmed:


I know the date is far away but we need to let the pub know of the estimated amount of cars. There are know over 40 cars confirmed from 10 different manufacturers, at the last Bolney meet there was an estimated 120 cars !! We're trying to get at least the same amount this time.

Please indicate here if you intend to come.



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well it sounds too good to miss, even though it will be a 3 hour drive for me :(

I'll guessing the mimms crew will be going so with any luck I'll meet up with them and drive down


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this is the event of the year, just seeing wai (thorak) race alexis (GTiR) up a off ramp across a roundabout and back onto the motorway because they didnt know where they were going made it for me.....:)


ryan: honoury membership of the mimm posey??

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Put me down for this one again. Enjoyed the last one very much.

If there are that many cars there again, should we all not chip in and get Ryan some more memory cards for his camera!!

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Got my name down already from japukmeets but will add it here as well.
Last one was superb fun but just be aware that they are talking of getting the local police involved in this one to stop the silly flybys that happened last time and it'll be a good thing too. I admit that there were a few nervous moments when your car is parked at the side of the road and you've got a high high powered Supra going past it sideways at great speed.

They are also getting the local paper to do a big feature and the pub will be used exclusively for us lot.

All in all, it should be a superb day out with lots of big powerful silly Jap cars in attendance.


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Thanks for that, its a long old journey, but will think about it. Clocking a few miles on the Paj at the mo, but there may be a company vehicle coming soon that means it can rest a little!

Will let you know.


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shite, someone dumped a RSX and a big gangly northerner in the movie.....:)

best meet of last year, cruise there was superb (if not a bit to big), with Mr Fox performing some spectacular over taking moves (on the inside), Thorak showing what the dragon car was capable of, and me getting in simons way :).

also on the way back there was the dump/exhaust spectacular in the dartford tunnel, where the mimms crew tried there hardest to deafen any locals who were in the way...:)

brilliant, come on teri you know you want to...


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Well mimms is nearish to me ;)

I think I'll struggle to use up all the film, anyway I can't take photos while I'm driving, at least not very good ones :D

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Just looked at that thanks Andy, is there no car park, don't want to drive 50,000 miles only to dump the car on the roadside! :(

Looked good otherwise tho

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There is a big car park but because Lee was directing everyone, we turned up late and couldn't get a place......
Only joking Lee :) but we did get there late and thats why we ended up on the roadside. If we get there early enough we should all be able to get in the car park.


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whats the matter with you, if me and andy can get ours up a kerb (and through a big pile of dog shite), i am sure you could drive through the field, over a hedge and park where you like in your 4 wheel drive monster.....:)

or are you like daz all show :)


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its better out on the road any way, as you can sod off to MD's when you like, and not get blocked in by 20,000 GTiR's


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What about organising a crafty Evo only meet to get to Bolney 1 hour
before anyone else.....

That way, all the evo's get in the car park in one heeeeuge line , would
look utterly fantastic for the local newspaper !

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