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hi all,

daz has asked us to post this :


The official Start time for the meet this year is 11am ** NO SOONER **. As we have the GT Battle guys having a display in the main car park, we need to give them time to set-up everything as they want it, therefore, please do not turn up before 11am.


We are making a donation to "Bolney Under 5's" this year ... as a way of giving something back to the people of Bolney Village - for allowing us to take over there village every year. All we are asking is £1.00 per car ... this will enable us to give them a nice little donation. "Bolney Under 5's" is not a local football team (LOL !) it's for the children in the village under 5 years of age. There will be a member of JapUKMeets at either end of Bolney Village with a collection bucket. Hopefully, you will also recieve a GT-Battle flyer on your arrival.


As previously mentioned, the carpark is ONLY available to the GT Battle guys - so please do not park in there. Additionally, please be sensible where you park - and DO NOT park in front of property entrances, across the entrance of slip roads, etc. We need to ensure everyone in the village is able to get in and out of their property without any difficulty and ensure that we do not block any roads off ... otherwise we'll annoy the locals.


Sussex Police HAVE been notified of the meet and all being well they will be driving through regularly. If they cannot drive through as regularly as hoped, and we get idiots doing fly-by's then I will be phoning Sussex Police and asking them to come down.


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, do NOT give a demonstration of what your car is capable of by doing a fly-by or anything like it. Bolney is going to be RAMMED with people (including children) as well as lots of cars. This is NO place to by driving at speed ... and I will have no hesitation in dealing with it should someone decide to be a moron (i.e. I'll be getting the Police involved).


As mentioned above, the GT-Battle guys will have a display in the car-park. This will contain some of the cars that are registered to compete in GT-Battle as well as a few other chosen cars. Additionally, you will be able to register for the event - and find out more about what is going to be happening.


The new owners of the Bolney Stage Pub are NOT closing the pub so that it's just us there - there WILL be other members of the public turning up (even though I advised them to close to just us). Therefore you might find the odd non-Jap motor trying to park amongst us. I sure some of the local residents will be out and about having a look at some of the cars as well.


Last year there was LOADS of litter scattered all over the place - where people couldn't be bothered to put their rubbish in bins. I went around picking up a lot of it and binning it along with the workers at the pub. Please use the bins rather than just dropping rubbish on the floor.


We need this year to go well to even have a chance of having another meet next year. Therefore, please do everything you can to help this meet go smoothly. We all doing all we can to ensure that the residents in the area will be ok about the meet and will not try and stop us coming back next year.


I understand that J-Tuner magazine and possibly another magazine will be in attendance with a view to doing a write-up about the meet ... so get polishing and waxing those cars.

I think that covers most things !

I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday 23rd April for "Bolney 5 - in association with GT-Battle".


cheers Lex
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