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Bodybuilding Pics

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some pics of my mate stevie and my girl, stevie is going for his first show the nabba scottish this saturday and fi is going for the spf on the 7th of may. fi hasnt competed for 6 years and is a previous twice natural miss scotland. the pics dont really do fi justice as she is not tanned enough to show her condition properly.
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above photo:those triceps dont look real completely out of symmetry.
you sure he hasnt used that completely cheating oil suff that i cant remember the name of.

original post:i use to train down haveys in birkenhead with big mike a'hearne the ex gladiator warrior. his mrs lindsay is the ifbb ladies natural champion she is the most perfect girl i have ever seen in my life and absolutely stunning to boot.
i bet you get thrashed in the bedroom :crackup:

wish i could get my mrs down the gym she has the perfect genetics for it but is just to lazy.
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