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Blue ebc pads

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Fitted new pads all round last week after ds2500 which were ok but wooden to say the least.Dics to ages to clean up With judder from deposits on disc but now like new and vast improvement and give them a good work out last night left foot braking last night and discs blue so could nearly light my *** off the frunts.Godsport sent pads offat the beginning of month but first set got lost in post so he sent of second set and there verry helpful.Thankfully the first set got back to them from delivery people:smthumbup
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Fitting these myself this weekend looking forward to see an improvement
:smthumbupYou will like.Car pulls up nice and straight,had a bit off fad until discs cleaned up.Not to dusty and wipes of easy.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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