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any evo owner (iv/v/vi) put a blowoff valve or dump valve that dump into the atmosphere in their car?

i'm interested in putting one of these things in my evo v but my previous one (too big) was leaking vacuum pressure making my car die down sometimes.

any recommendation on which brand is good? (performance, reliability and sound)

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As additional background read the following
Page 4 this thread,
Blow off valve, Wreckleford
Page 3 this thread,
Evo 5 blow off
and amp;
Dump valves
Lots of opinions and discussion.
My own experience is with the HKS super sequential dump valve,
expensive yes , but good , without doubt.
Provides an improvement in response especially when going for it , looks tech
and sounds great.
Taaaaschhhherrrr for now !!!!

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I also had an HKS SQV dump valve on my VI but kept getting stalling problems (funnily enough always on petrol station forecourts when everyone was watching, admirign the car!). Took it off in the end and all's fine now. Tried the adjustment valve on the back at all sorts of settings to no avail and was considering the HKS Idle Stabiliser which is about 100 quid! This does curew the problem though so I'm told.

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I have many friends who drives Sabaru and i know the car also have AFM but they don't have any problem with stalling even if they put blow-off valve in (but the stock blowoff is very small compared to EVO's. why's that?

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Forge Motorsport supply many parts for the Evo incl Dump valves that fit straight on .No fuss, No problem 100% money back guarantee,see links page
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