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dear o dear what should i do

  • the motors cooked, end of story. WOULDNT TOUCH IT WITH YOURS

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  • its should be ok, and if the price is right go for it

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blown head gasket on evo4

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hey all,

a mate of mine is selling his evo4, but the head gasket has gone and it will prob need new heads

how much is the going rate for head gasket change with a set of new heads?

i normally wouldnt touch an motor with a cooked engine, especially after my experiences with my 300zx, but how does the bottom end of the evo engine take this sort of damage? ive heard there fairly bullet proof, but enough not to have any further problems after the jobs been properly done.

gut instinct says steer clear, but it is a very very good price, and the car is mint apart from this problem.

opinions please


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oem headgasket is about £40, and a head skim will be about £50.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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