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I've just bought this and fitted it, build quality as always if fantastic (although the mesh section is made of plastic)

Sound is great, I've tried it with and without the mesh section and like the sound of it without the mesh the best, does anyone have any comments on using it without the mesh section? I know that the mesh will keep crap out but given that its only ever open when air is being forced out I'm not sure how much crap could get in and contaminate things.

The other thing I'm not sure about is how to tweak it to make the air escape quicker, it currently seems to take a while for Pssstt to stop rather than it being a very quick release. Looking at the manual (which is written in Japanese :() I'm guessing that this can be achieved by turning the nut at the base of the BOV (the one at the front in the picture).

I've tried to turn this nut but it seems to be either fully tightened or fully off, no in between

Can anyone tell me which is the most desirable affect
1. Quick release of air
2. Slower release of air

I think that a quick release of air should allow the turbo to keep spinning more freely or don't I understand things correctly?


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I've got the same on my car with the mesh part still on, it makes a superb noise
with my turbo!!!! :):)
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