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I previously had an Subaru Impreza and i was curious and dumb enough to test the EvoVI.
Guess what! I bought it of course. Since then i´ve been following this discussion group with interest. In Sweden where i live, the aftermarket for this car is zero. EvoVI TM Edition is the first Evo that ever made it to Sweden and only 150 cars exists. It´s quite fun, everyone stares at it and i get questions about the car everyday. From what i´ve read here a have already ordered the Jet engine sounding Blitz filter . Blitz also sells a spring kit that lowers the car 35 mm. Has anyone fitted these? Are the good, bad etc. Any suggestions of other spring kits that´s good.

Hope you understand my english!

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Hi Daniel

I was trying to send a mail to you but your mail address doesn´t seem to work.
Could you send me a mail at [email protected] or call me at 0705-980189


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Hi guys!

Dont lower your cars more than 50 mm to 100 mm. The car is made to be that high. If you lower it more than 50 - 100 mm, the front will be too low. This will result in the stabiliser being bent and softer and the car will feel softer. I know this from a rallye team here in France. These people know what they're talking about, they made 5th in Corsica (group N). They use Proflex shocks, 50 mm lower. The factory shocks are too soft anyway...

Have fun,

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