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I am planning to modify me EVO VI TME.

What do you think about the combination: BLITZ ECU, NUR Spec R Full Exhaust, BLITZ Dump Valve, BLITZ Induction kit.

Many people told me abou their good experiences with BLITZ parts.

My questions:

Is the BLITZ ECU a good choice? Any experiences?

Is the Dump Valve good? Comparable to Forge or HKS?

Is the Induction kit really increasing power? I always heard, that open filters without any heat-isolation, are sucking all the hot air from the engine and therefore can even REDUCE the horsepowers! However, practically EVERYONE here who has modified his EVO has also changed the Airfilter. Can someone tell me if those filter really bring more power, or just a nicer sound?

Thanx for all answers.

PS: I chose all the parts from BLITZ because I can get a good price when ordering them together.

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Go 4 the Blitz exhaust , HKS super sequential dump valve , Apex-i filter.

The HKS dump is better than the Blitz , as it is a more elaborate design.

Induction air definately benefits from a shielded/sealed air box with cold intake feed , but even an open filter in the standard position in the engine compartment will improve on the factory intake system.

I have the Blitz Nurspec , HKS valve and Blitz filter (standard position) , but the Apex-i filter gives a slightly greater horse power gain over stock than the Blitz , both r much better than the HKS filter on power and filtration.

My advise on the Blitz or any other fixed MAP ecu is save yr money and buy a Remappable ECU or get the factory ECU converted 2 b remappable by Power Engineering.

Don't know where u r located , but if near 2 Birmingham I cud fit yr parts at club favourable price :)

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Hi Evoboy,

thanx for your reply!

The problem is, that I am in Austria, and we don´t have any EVO tuners here! Not ONE!

If I buy a remapable ECU, who is going to map it?

Is a standard ECU from BLITZ really not worth the money? Why? No bhp increase?

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Yes Austria is just 2 far away !
I am amazed that there r no performance tuners there , where will u buy yr parts ?

2 elaborate on the Blitz and other fixed map ECU's , they can only manage a relatively small amount of extra power , typically upto 330-340 bhp , if u want 2 exceed that with further mods u wud have 2 change 2 a reprogrammable ECU.
Best 2 start with a reprogrammable ECU if u want more power in the future (and u will :)).
I think Power engineering can exchange yr standard ECU 4 their modified 1 by mail , but u wud still need installation and a rolling road check.
An alternative wud be a separate fuel and boost controller , these work by intercepting info from engine sensors to the ECU and changing it 2 readings the ECU will accept without fuel or boost cuts thus increasing power , they still cost a fair amount tho , around 7-800 uk pounds and wud require installation. Ultimately they cannot control as wellas a dedicated ECU so 4 high power I wouldn't go there.

R u close enuf 2 drive 2 a country with tuners ?

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Hi Evoboy,

Germany and Switzerland are not so far from me...

But, is there a well-known tuner in Germany, apart from Ralli Art?

In Switzerland there are some tuners...Digit-Power, Sportec...but they are really expensive!! I don´t want to spend 9000 SFR for 340 bhp.

Do you know a tuner in Germany or Switzerland which is good and has normal prices?
A mechanic in my Mitsu garage could install the ECU...but this would certainly not be a perfect solution...

If I don´t modifie the ECU, how many horsepower do you think will I get from the Nurspec exhaust|PLS|induction kit?

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Can't help u much with German or Swiss tuners , micheal K , a member on this forum recently moved 2 Germany , it cud b worth asking him.

Or try the internet.

If I find anything I will post u.

With the exhaust and filter there will be around 20-30 bhp gain , but the torque will not increase much , this is where the ECU is required.

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Evoboy is right about a gr.n ecu as you can program everything, but is going to be really expensive, and you need someone to do the map.

I don't know about the blitz ecu, but I know that the ralliart sports ecu do a big difference if fitted together
with a full exhaust and air filter. And you can fit the ralliart or blitz ecu yourself easely!
Then you just need a boost controller, or something to monitor the boost and modifyed restrictors to raise the boost, but not too much!
I wouldn't go for the PE remap as if something is wrong you would have to send it back again, and it's just a remap on your standard ecu, and with the ralliart or blitz ecu you have a full new ecu.

The blitz exhaust is really good but you should also fit a downpipe and a decat to get a big improvement.
The blitz or apexi air filter are really good, I have the hks racing suction kit with the alloy pipe and it work really well, and you can also have a look to a spec r airbox or monster sport airbox.

I think that a vta dump valve makes just a great noise but I think that it's better to fit a recirculating one if you really want to change the standard one.

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Maxi, I thought the Ralliart ECU was just the standard one with a different map....

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Don't give the poor guy bad information.......:)

The PE is a conversion 2 make the factory ECU remappable , this means it can b remapped as required when further mods r made 2 the engine.

Blade is right , the Ralliart ECU is the standard ECU with a different map , but it can't b remapped.

U need 2 decide how far u intend 2 go with tuning , if 340-350 bhp is enuf , then a fixed map ECU is ok , but if u buy the fix map ECU then decide u want more , then it's redundant and u spend again on a reprogrammable ECU , it's a money always :)

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its bad information to say use a hks dump valve,
without adding the recirculating kit hks recommend in their catalogue

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It probably recirculates the air into the intake:D!

Ok the ralliart sports ecu is maybe a standard ecu with a different program, it modifies the radiator vent timings,fuelling,ingnition timings and do not have fuel cuts, and it's programmed for an evo with a full exhaust and air filter to get around 340bhp, it works very well but off course if you want to do big mods you would need a programmable ecu as motec or even hks fconv pro if you know someone that can map a japanese ecu.
But then any other ecu that has a fix map should be a standard ecu with a different map, as the blitz, and a lot of other japanese ecu.
The sports ecu is just an easy way to get to 340bhp with an exhaust and filter without spending a lot.

There are also a lot of people that would say not to go for a pe remap, as they did something wrong!
I know that in your evo they did a good job, and they have some good parts off course but I would rather go for a ralliart ecu or something as motec.

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Was this message directed at me, or EvoBoy? If it was EvoBoy, then I would add that I too am very happy with the PE remap, and as you know my EVO is heavily modified.

The Ralliart ECU is a dead-end route if you want high power, and the Motec is overkill - although I am re-considering it as I like the idea of telemetry!

I think for normal road users the Ralliart or PE are fine, the PE being the better long term investment - and undetectable from an insurance and warranty point of view.

For mad people, the sky's the limit!
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