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I would like to know if anyone has the blitz nur spec backbox fitted.
I know that the blitz spec r exhaust has got a silencer that you can remove in it, and that is considered to be a loud exhaust.

I have the supersprint full exhaust fitted, and the backbox it's not really loud, it's something like the hks super dragger, and I would like to go for the blitz backbox, but only if it will be loud as it's just for the sound of it.

Does it have a removable silencer too?
How loud is it?
Does it keeps the standard fixing with the square bend piping?

Thank you for your help.

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The Blitz Nurspec R back box is not compatible with the standard exhaust system as the Blitz system takes an entirely different route to reduce the angle of any bends.

So u must fit the whole Blitz system.
It is loud , my system was noise checked at 98.5 db at a constant OFF LOAD 3000 rpm ie car stationary , but when accelerating it's a good loud bark which becomes even louder above 5500 rpm......great
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