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Surfing the blitz website they have an ecu upgrade for the evo.
Has anyone got/tried one??

Comments please?


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We sell the Blitz ECU's but I have not yet seen one working on a Evo. They recomend that boost of 1.3 Bar is run.

They are special order only and you need to give in your original ECU number. Delivery is normally about a month depending on when shipments are due in and whether or not you make the order deadline.

They say it gives about 20% more power. I'm not sure what the fuel maps will allow you to run in terms of boost but I would suspect that you can run more than 1.3 if you want(after big ends of course). Blitz are especially bad about never giving power figures for their products but to be honest they have never let me down (Had a supra jump from 280 to 365Bhp just by fitting their front mount intercooler on a late 3.0 VVTi TT)

Hope this is of some use. I wish I could say more but I tried to find out more about the Blitz ECU's on the forum myself and didn't receive a single reply!



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Thanks Jon

I have requested some info from the UK agent and amp; am waiting for them to reply.

I will post the info when i know


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and amp;gt;down (Had a supra jump from 280 to 365Bhp just by fitting their front mount intercooler on a late 3.0 VVTi TT)

ROFL ! Impossible I say !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Utterly impossible !!!!

Probably the funniest thing ive read on the net to date !!!!

In similar tests with supras (auto/manu/vvti/non vvti) running Blitz and HKS type s
and R intercoolers we have seen up to 15bhp *MAX*. Perhpas the Van Aaken rolling
road could do with some recallibration !!!!

Blitz ECU will be very similar to the Ralliart ECU, ie good for people running the basic
mods and that's about it.

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No need to be so critical mate. Have you fitted and run one on the rollers then have you? Admitadely it was a lot cooler on the run after but the TAT software compensates for environmental variances. We didn't even turn the boost up. Blitz themselves qoute a 60 BHP increase.

I wasn't attacking you so be a bit more friendly. I can only go by what the rollers say. I will mail you the graphs if you really want. Our RR is accurate. Handles 690 BHp at the wheels and it's brand new using TAT software. I think we would be pretty upset if we spent 60k on a dud one.

Keep the peace mate this is a friendly forum.

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Why would you laugh about a professional telling you about his dyno session? Who knows how restrictive the I/C is on a Supra?

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For what its worth, I am a founder member of the UK Supra club;
I have seen over 30 supra twin turbos on the rollers, some with
HKS front mounts, some with Blitz, some VVtis, some not
and from *experience* a JZA80 in standard trim with a Blitz
fmic will see something in the region of 10bhp; even doubling
the boost pressure from .7 to 1.4 AND fitting a Blitz FMIC you'd
be lucky to see an 85bhp gain !

I am amazed Blitz claim 60bhp for their front mount kit, I shall
ask their technical manager today and post his answer here.


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Yellow 5.

I don't doubt your knowledge and I'm not trying to #### you off mate.

Ring [email protected](UK Blitz agent) and ask him about the kit. He originally qouted me that figure and I thought he was full of it as well.

None of us believed it until we saw it and to be honest we are still dubious. The car came in a few weeks ago because he thought his Superchips ABC (we don't sell these don't worry) was not working properly and wanted to do a back to back test as the car only showed standard power on the original power run.

We took the bleed valve(yuk) and ABC off and it made no power difference (345 BHP). As it was when we fitted the twin core LM intercooler. The LM was a new design a few months ago and I believe we were one of the first to fit. Very simple design with a nice ally hard pipe kit.

If you relly feel the need I can scan and convert the graphs to word format and mail them to you. Do you want them?

See ya later and good luck with the Supra club.

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Just read my previous post and realised I made a small typo. It went from 280 to 345 not 365 sorry. Still an amazing gain though.

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Standard VVti should give atleast 325-330bhp (despite the Jap 276bhp rule)
(uk spec is 326bhp).

So 330bhp before and 345bhp after fitting Blitz FMIC is exactly what id expect.

Anyway, your original point about the quality of Blitz products is spot on,
some of their parts amaze me, the quality of the Nur-Spec is out of this world
and IMHO remarkably good value.


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Glad we could reach some sort of agreement.

Maybe the ABC and horrible bleed valve was holding it back as standard cuz it only came out with 283. Who cares anyway.

Yea I know what you mean quality on the Blitz. Thats what I fit to my car. Exhausts are amazing and so easy to fit. Alot of other manufacturers require you to heat and bend hanging bars and all sorts of stuff like that (and they still don't look that good in the end). Blitz goes straight on, no worries.

Ralliart ECU just turned up! Wahey! Guess what my lunch break will involve. Spoke to Al at Racelogic this morning and the diamond bloke had ordered my ECU from blitz and it came in yesterday. The day after I ordered the Ralliart one. Consideraby frustrating considering I just paid double what I would have paid for the Blitz with discount! If I don't like the Ralliart one I'll try the Blitz I suppose.

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I wouldn't go that far mate but things are all good with me.

I think it's best that people don't get involved in drawn out net brawls and rather exchange usefull information.

Peace love and Hapiness (hapiness due to succesfull fitment of Ralliart ECU and Blitz SBC-ID).

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