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Colin and anyone else who's interested,
I have at last got my ECU,(8 weeks). It is being fitted by Power Engineering next week, the 14th and I'm having a before and after comparision!!!!!!
I have a Blitz DSBC fitted along with a Ralliart Exhaust, but I haven't upgraded the air filter yet, they are going to try the ECU with the standard filter at 1.4 bar and then try it with a Blitz filter!!!!!!!!!
I'll let you know the results.

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Its a slow boat that deliver's the Blitz goodies from Japan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll tell you how I get on on Thursday Morning.

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Delivered the car to power engineering at 09.00 yesterday morning, they stuck it on the rolling road and did a quick power test: 285bhp at 0.9 bar.......not bad.
Then they plugged in the new ECU and the car failed to start, they spent 2 hours fiddling around and got it started, firing on 2 cylinders only.
Power Engineering think that the ECU is faulty. I'm waiting to hear from Racelogic who don't seem to know to much about Blitz equipment..........apart from selling it!!!!!!!!
I'll let you know as soon as I have a solution.

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Dominic,have a look at the ralliart sports ecu topic in engine tuning.

Claudius fit a ralliart sports ecu on his evo vi rs2 and the car did not start without a little electric modification on a connection in the back of the central console.

Try to ask ralliart or coordspord what you should do when you fit the ralliart sports ecu
on a gsr(on my evo v rs it start without it)it may be the same thing,anyway it takes only to minutes to do it if you know what to do.

Keep me informed on the power increase as I would like to buy a new ecu.

Is your car standard?
The ralliart ecu works really better with a free flow filter and exhaust and it can be the same for the blitz one.

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Thanks for your advice, I'm still waiting for racelogic to think of a solution, I will tell them about the problem Claudius had. I've looked at other ECU's, the link one and also the Ralliart one, If anyone has any experiences of these....good or bad...then please let me know.
If I can get the Blitz one fixed without sending it back to Japan then I will stick with it and let you know the results.
My Evo has a Ralliart exhaust, Blitz DSBC and a SpecR dump valve, it has the standard air filter, I want to see how much difference an after market filter makes on the rolling road.

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Hey Dominic

I like your attitude towards the tuning stuff: measure it and dont talk bullshit, like a lot of people (not necessarily on the LTR) do.

Anyway, MAXI is right, they had to short circuit something on the ECU to get it started. I m talking about the Ralliart Sport ECU for Rally. After that it worked fine, pushing up to 7000 rpms instead of stopping to accelerate at 5800 rpms. It s not really faster, but it uses a lot more fuel.
Therefore, I thought I ll get a Motec M48 and HKS exhaust and Bozz Speed turbine kit TD05/06 ( I might use more fuel after that, but the car should be a lot faster. Digit Power in Switzerland got 580Nm torque at 3800 rpms and 420 bhp, now appearently 450 bhp with this setup (incl. forged pistons and con rods |PLS| injectors)

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