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This thread is to compliment the other one about what p*sses people off, this one is for things people consider blissful..... no crudeness allowed.

1) marmite sandwiches
2) getting into a warm bed when your really tired
3) shopping
4) birds singing on a summer morning
5) Baileys
6) your favourite song on the radio, in a car, cruising, singing at the top of your very untuneful voice!!!!!

just a few.....

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When you wake up knackered for another day at work and then realise its Saturday

The first morning you look out of the window and see your newly acquired EVO glistening in the sunlight

The look on my sons mates faces when I picked him up from school for the first time in the EVO

Bacon sandwich on thick white bread with melted butter - ideally on a Sunday morning

O'Driscol's try for the Lions V's Australia

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Blissful things, ahhhhhh

1. Long spirited drives around your favourite country lanes
2. Meeting other Evo owners who share the same passion for cars as you do
3. Sat watching the football on telly with a few beers and all of your mates around..... (But I'm sure Miss_RSX won't agree with that will you dear border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >)
4. Going back to Hartlepool for a nice pint of Strongarm
5. Overtaking an Audi S4, Alfa GTV and Astra SRi on the outside of a corner around a motorway sliproad this morning :)


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1) Not going to work.
2) Wakeing up by with a gorgeouse girl asleep on my chest (i wish) :)
3) Going the pub with 100 squid to blow on drinks and food.
4) Sunday afternoon drive (fast) to wales n back with m8ts in their cars.
5) Then sunday roast with yorkshire puddings hmmm.

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1) going completely sideways on full opposite lock and getting it just right
2) watching gorgeous girls gawp and point when they see me in my evo (lol)
3) watching gorgeous girls gawp and point when they see me in my supra
4) hitting the NOS button in my supra, wheelshpinning in third at 80mph
5) pulling a giant wheelie through 1st,2nd,3rd and 4th on the R1 (which I no longer have)

All car/bike related.....arent I boring !

Torque IC Ltd

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1) thinking about how one day you will die but then acknowledging that it doesn't matter anyway
2) being amongst the animals
3) Your 3 month old daughter lifting her head up on your shoulder to smile and amp; google in your face
4) stepping out in the dead of night, seing the stars and listening to the strong wind blowing through the shadows of the trees and leaves and being aware that you feel very very alive
5) letting go...... of all the things in your life that stop you

6) Paddock at Brands

theres so many.....!

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Playing cat 'n mouse with M3 on a wet series of roundabouts. Let him catch you on the straights, then nail it hard at each island - watch him all crossed up in the mirror. Then pussyfoot round one just for a change, so he can keep up, but then outdrag him up the straight!

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having a number 1 or better still a number 2 when desperate for one (often after circumstances have meant you have had to hold it in for ages)

:) Hope this one is not too crude but it really can be bliss :)

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After all that anger and frustration,blissfull bits ?
1/ looking back at my Evo after its polished and wondering how I aforded it .but I do !
2/doing a track day :D.
3/watching my sons face when I floor it and take a round about with out braking mitsubishi's are fast cars dad faster than vans bless him.
4/ Good looking woman/nice meal /bottle of wine knowing I will get laid later and she's on top.bliss !!
5/ cherry aid and chocolate biscuits [days when I fished as a kid]
6/ making a £2000 tile sale and not giving discount.
7/ having a crap after holding it in for 20 minutes hopping around crossed legged,with a finger on the button,
How come it starts just as my belt buckle is undone .
8/Ballooning ,I haven't done this one yet but I will with that nice looking woman I had the meal with.

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And another one....

When you've had a really bad day at work and then walk into the carpark and see the Evo waiting for you.


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Wet dream involving , Sarah Cracknell from St Etienne .

Taking the cheb just picked up on a Saturday night from a club home in the Evo , and seeing her struggle into the seat with skirt refusing 2 b modest and then taking the long way back 2 enjoy watching her boobs bounce about whilst she is distracted with the performance :)

Good French red wine.

Evo , warm summer night , good familiar road , early hours , driving solo , favourite hard house bangin' out , and miles of headonistic full on driving , ####ing A .

At home , favourite ambient and trance playing , 6 pack of Michelob , all the mags out , planning the next mods 2 the Evo .

Long afternoon walking around the Guggenheim in Bilbao.

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missed the hates thread so ill try to combine the two,if thats allowed in this club ?

latest cd by your fav band
live gigs
4am spring sundays,NO COPS,NO TRAFFIC,
a *** after sex ,sorry,good food
son winning races
daughter riding horse
childrens laughter
a good movie

football and all that goes with it
red tape and bullshit
blue denim
the 9-5 mentality

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going in convoy to events with all the mimms crew

having kids that love cars as much as me

the open road in the evo with not a cop in site

Thrashing ferrari's that are out on test drives from Marrenello's sure i spoilt many sales for them :) :)

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Having a frontal labotomy so you can enjoy being with a girl who likes Marmite Sandwiches .................etc When you say shopping do you mean Tescos,God Fastchick you sound cheap to run,what would you do for a CD of singing birds?

As you can tell Im self destructive if only I could learn to love myself I could love others ,Including singing birds,Please put me out of my misery I want to go to heaven,now theres a place....warm beds,marmite sandwiches,and if you have a Angel Visa Card you can shop till you drop.:):)

Nurse can I have my medication now please...

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1) Thrashing all the non-evo's on a wet track day event
2) Having a go against quick bikes on the road.... and winning !
3) Downing a few pints (or more) of real ale, straight from the barrel, with everyone saying it tastes like honey
4) Fall into bed with the wife (or whoever - God, hope she's not reading this) for a damn good ....
5) Completely pass out and wonder if it was all a dream - even if it was a wet one
6) Phone Ralliart for another upgrade because I came into some more money.
7) Loop


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My turn now. In no particular order.

* A nice warm summer afternoon with a cool breeze wafting through as you sit in the beer garden of a pub with a nice pint.

* Driving at 5am in the morning during the summer weekends. No cars on the road and pure daylight.

* A nice long straight that you can razz your car down without having to worry about anyone pulling out on you or police.

* Watching a favourite film when no-one else is home and you can turn the volume right up.

* Ditto playing music.

* Waking up on an early sunday winter morning, opening the curtains and seeing the whole area covered in crisp white snow.

* Waking up next to a gorgeous woman who doesn't look nasty without her make up :)

* Driving in convoy to car meetings with other like minded people (Mimms crew !)

Thats pretty much it for now.



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wazuptommi, or whatever you're called.... whats your problem???

I say anything and someones ready to bite my a*rse for it, just get over it will you!!!!! Other people express what they like, but noooooooo its only me that gets picked on, well, imagine this.... I am bending over, doing a big moonie at you.... so there. Ohhhhh big mistake, cos someone will comment on that wont they.... always ready to shoot me down for saying anything.... well bog off.

Go take a fukkin chill pill, and get off my case. Thankyou v kindly xx
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