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bigger oil cooler

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Mocal oil cooler. Oil capacitiy 0.5 l (stock 0.3 l).

Fits perfectly. Just take the old fitting (engine side) and put them on new hoses. Modifiy brackets a bit and ready.

Price: ca. 200 Euros.
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Oil cooler is connected by the three std. points:
Nice job Gerrit,

Do be sure to ty-wrap those braided hoses in such a way that they cannot rub against any parts! This stuff works like a hacksaw when rubbing something.

nice one

is this a mocal oil cooler, how many rows is that 22?

Thanks for the tip Rene! I made sure that they cannot move. Tried the new cooler on the Ring today: although the air temp was ca. 8 C higher, the oil was about 10 C cooler!

It is a Mocal. The long version and 25 rows.

Because it is longer, it is so low in the car, that it gets extra air through the lower air duct in the front spoiler (put a mesh in it).
tonite I will have a Kölsch!

And Sunday: Nürburgring again. Anyone else coming?
Mocal Cooler

Nice looking kit!
Is there a part number for it and the hoses as well?

Also is there any modification required i.e. brackets etc.

And would it fit on a E8 stock location.?
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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