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Big THANKS to nick at NR autosport

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Took my car to nick about 4 weeks ago, initially just to get the ayc light sorted.. Soon as i pulled up nick didnt think my car sounded right..!! His guess (educated guess :D) was that i had a knackered exhaust valve..!!

Turns out he was right, bit gutted as i had only bought the car 2 weeks previous, so 2 weeks on the road 4 weeks off..!!

I would add that it was only at nicks that long because he was so busy and couldnt even start work on it for 2 weeks..!

Anyway to cut a long story short, nick fixed the problem and did a top job. It was alot of money to part with but i was pleased to give it to nick as ive been messed around by so many garages in the past.. Nick is a top bloke and i will be taking it to him in the future..!!

Oh and nick thanks for the free 35mm alloy bung..!!


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used nick at NR AUTOSPORT for about a 18 months now,the best mechanic ive ever met and delt with,dunno were im gonna go if i ever leave the dark side.
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