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Hi Paul,

just a public thank you for your help today, your advice and the bit of elbow greese too!

Never before has two grown men left pauls house satisfied LOL

i was having trouble with my car misfireing and not boosting, turns out to be loose sparkplugs, never tightened properly at the last service :blush:

my mate (Evo 2) is also happy with your advice on his yoke too, he left with a big smile especially after fitting the BOV.

anyhow big big :smthumbup and your deffo owed a nice :beerchug:

edited to say : forgot to mentioned that paul done all of this during his own time, went out of his way to spend at least an hour and a half messing about with our cars.

hope Mrs. GsRed didnt mind LOL

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speed junkie said:
So you don't want it running right????!!!! :crackup: :crackup:

Only kidding pal, nice one for sharing the evo knowledge, good man


great set up down there too paul, nice house and the shed with its own pit in all :cool:

and lads for those of you that have never been in pauls car, wow i dont know what to say, we all know its an Rs model, and i was expecting it to be fast and loud and bumpy and in your face, but that was an understatement!

its bumpy, but deffo liveable (its worth it)
the difference between that and my GSR..........i dont know how to explain, my evo is fast as an evo is fast but in the rs, words cant explain the difference, you just have to sit in and experience it your self.

it is mental and the noise is like you are being chased through a dard forest by a pack of banshee's!

best of luck with it down in mondello next week paul.
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