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Mega thanks to Darin and amp; his helpers for organising todays motor-fest @ Snetterton :D

Had a great time, scalped a few Evos ('cept for Dave ;) ) and amp; had a blast :D The weather (IMHO) made the day being totally damp/chucking down - just what I'd prayed for ;) The only downside to this was the amount of mobile chicanes floating around the track and amp; because it was wet the worst track discipline I've ever encountered :( (Least I presume 'cos it was wet)

However, this didn't detract from an excellent time @ an excellent venue and amp; in the rain :D 160 track miles despite all the reds and amp; a little 360 avoiding £100,000 worth of pirouetting Porcshe Turbo!!

LOL Bring it on for next year :D

Darin, many thanks and amp; dedication to the job considering it was your birthday.


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Puff,I would like to second that,great day,what car do you drive as after lunch I took a few scalps myself?

The mobile chicanes were a pain mostly Novas,and Porshe 944,s I had 2 spin of in front of me,they took very wide lines no room to overtake on the left.It was very satisfying doing the cossies,the Evo is a great car in the wet finding the limit in those conditions will help in the future.

Look forward to the next track day, Regards Barry:)

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just watched the video of our few wet laps together, got some good shots of that rally preppped evo 6 and that porche 944 spinning out in front....and that dragon autosport 6 passed us chasing that scooby was going some..awesome. visibility was really poor

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9 oclock and Ive just got home ,left at around 3.30.
Fantastic day,I was a little nervous as 1st time a snett and the amount of water around ,but got into it big time.
we saw 1 westy or cateram ,porche 944,ford fiesta ,skylump BM7 series all spin out not too far ahead.
How the hell you can get 12 fast cars together and brake to get around corum I don't know ,but they did!
and with near zero viability.
Puff your car was the green scoob wagon ,its pretty quick.Have you done alot of track days or advanced driving as you did nail some bigger fish where others wouldn't tread.
Great to meet up with a couple of old and afew new faces .
I didn't know I could drive so fast in the wet and stop.I only clocked around 40 miles in all.
I think the wet made it all more exciting.

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Yeah, big up to Darin for the organizing. I can safely say that after a toe in the water spectating / passenger ride day out that I will be taking my 7 out on a trackday in the near future.

Cheers to Steve, Shorty, Darryl and Barry for the passenger rides, most excellent!

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Another great MLR trackday, but not a lot of Evo's there! These days sem to be getting a good rep in the wider world, but why aren't more MLR people filling them? (I can't talk, I didn't bring mine).

The rain did make for a lot of people spinning and on semi slick tyres (wrong bet!) it was pretty scary at times - aquaplaning on the straights, big wobble round Coram and even a quick aquaplane coming into the firkin pit lane! Good wet handling practice day but still made it past the odd Porsche and a Westie or two, not bad for 150bhp :) Wait for a dry day!

Thanks again Darin and amp; happy birthday. The MLR branded zimmer's being made up as we speak border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >


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Yes. Well done Darin. Top day.
It was also nice to meet some of the master members from this forum. Steve C, Croz and Shorty in particular.
I did make it home in the Escort but the right hand front brake was clonking a good 'un and the whole car pulling to the right. I haven't checked out what was causing it yet. I'm not allowed to touch any cars now until I've fitted a shower and a new back gate!

Did anyone find out what was in the red Fiesta?

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The pleasure is mine Dom.
I didn,t ask what was in the red fiesta,I know it was running with the bonnet 2 inchs open .I couldn't believe how Vikki butler -hendersons nova ran firkin quick.
some nice cars on the day ,roll on next years events

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I'll add my belated thanks to Darin and amp; co for organising the day. Pity about the number of stoppages, but I certainly had my fun (and took a few people out for rides in the VI, which is always entertaining :). Not to mention the fact that my car lead all the sighting laps (albeit with Alan driving :(

Puff, saw your Wagon in the paddock - the name had me in absolute stitches :)

And does anyone know what was in the boot of that green elise that was spitting out hugr flames? Jeez it was quick...
Followed that seven series for a little while too. He seemed to be having fun - perfect car for the conditions I suppose
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