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Some of you may know about the fact that my Evo 1 has been sitting idle for the last 14 months, due to having a knackered engine.

Well, I have just had a 2nd hand engine fitted at great expense by Champions Garage of Castleton, North Yorks, and would like to share my experiences through this bulletin board:

After a load of haggling, I agreed to be ripped off by paying £1600|PLS|VAT plus my old engine (complete with knackered block) for a 2nd hand Evo 3 motor including removing the old engine and fitting the “new” one.

I asked them to MOT it as well, so I could drive it home.

The first phone call from Champions was to tell me that the engine was in and running fine, but that my clutch was slipping. They wanted £261|PLS|VAT to fit a new clutch, but couldn’t get hold of one for 5 weeks from Japan. When I asked them how much the clutch job would be labour only, I was told £50|PLS|VAT. Seemed rather cheap that…………..assuming an hourly rate of £25 to £30.

Not only did I find this hard to believe, but I had no way of checking – Champions are 2 hours away from me. And even if I went up, it wouldn’t be too difficult to produce a knackered looking clutch……………………….

Anyway, I ordered the clutch from IRS in Japan and paid an additional £100 airfreight (don’t know what the total cost was, but probably around £350 inc VAT!)

Next, my aircon rad is knackered. They told me £50 quid for a 2nd hand one, but omitted to tell me that was excluding £25 labour.

The next call I got was to tell me that I needed two new tyres and a load of work doing on the brakes to de-seize them, to get it through the MOT. I’d had enough by this point and told them to leave it.

Picked the car up and was extremely surprised to find I’d been charged for all consumables, fluids, oils etc. As far as I was concerned, that was covered by the £1600 |PLS| my old motor. However, the fight had gone out of me by this time. Interestingly enough, they charged me VAT on the VAT they had to pay upon receipt of the clutch from Japan. Bet the VAT man will be interested to hear about that one.

Interestingly, neither Ryan nor Rick were anywhere to be seen when I picked the car up.

Took the car straight for an MOT at my local garage, who passed it without comment on either the tyres or brakes………………….

Finally, my car used to make a funny squeaking noise when first starting – and surprise surprise, it still does it now! Suspect the starter motor is my old one. The turbo and inlet manifold etc look strangely familiar as well.

Total cost of 2nd hand engine - somewhere in the region of £2,500.
So, if you want to get well and truly done over with parts and/or work your Lancer, head for Champions of Castleton.

Happy to go to court if anyone thinks this posting is slanderous or libellous.

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Sorry 2 hear of yr problems.


Photograph yr car everwhere so later disputes can b sorted.

Don't think a handshake will mean anything if things get messy later.

Record yr mileage and ensure it is witnessed and confirmed in writing by the garage.

Just think , u r leaving property worth thousands with people u may have only spoken 2 for maybe an hour............b careful.

Caveat Emtor !
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