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I'm wanting some work done on my Evo (Ralliart UK Evo 6 GSR Stage 1) and am really apprehensive about sending it to a London main dealer, and Dudley is too far to take the car for what I want done.

Can anybody advise of a good independant specialist in or around the London area.

Would this impact on my Warranty?

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Re:Best Independant Evo Specialist in

Try Steve Hill Motorsport. 10 mins from J6 M40 (between High Wycombe and Oxford. (01844) 201025.

Or Mark Shead @ Madevelopments. Don't know his phone no. but he is in Maidenhead. Look under profile of madevelopments for email address.

Depends what you want doing!

Steve Hill's are excellent for general servicing, parts fitting, etc.

Mark is more tuning orientated.

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Ware Garage in Ware (obvious :)) in Herts, good Mitsi/ralliart garage if you need the main dealer route (warranty, etc).
or i like Dragon Autosport in Colchester.

have heard good things about pondys suggestions as well


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I can highly recommend using Mark Shead of MADevelopments......07768 356204

I initially went to him when I had my highly modded GTiR and he did all the maintainence and suspension setting up etc. When a bolt from the air filter got sucked into the turbo, all sorts of damage was caused. I was going to use Mark to rebuild the car to 400bhp spec, but then I sold it to a friend who has since rebuilt it.

After the GTiR, I bought a highly modded Evo4 (which brought me to this club). Mark did all the maintainence and fitted the new suspension for me, I was going to use him for further work to take the car from its current 374 bhp out to 450bhp but financial circumstances led me to selling the car.

I've just bought a Toyota Corolla rwd with a supercharged engine, I've just been down at Mark's today and he has solved a lot of the niggly little problems. I will continue to take the car to him for further maintainence and development work.

Its a 50 mile drive to his garage from my house but I take my car to him for even the smallest of things, he's one of the only mechanics I trust.

Right, I've now removed my face from his butt :) I'm sure if you give him a ring, he'll be more than happy to help you.



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Independant Evo Specialist in London / South


That'd barely get the oil warm... it's probably closer to me than PE in Uxbridge (although few chances to get past 40 legally on the roads :().

Think I know who I'll be calling when I'm ready to start the upgrades on the Evo... :D

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