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hi i am recently new to owning an evo so sorry if this has been asked before!!!

i am at the moment putting a new paddle clutch into my evo5.
i am also having the gearboc reconned because 4th gear was abit pants going in at high rpm,s

so i have read a lot of threads on gearbox and transfer box oil,s

every1 is saying millers crx 75w90 nt but...........

i have been on to demontweeks and they also sell millers crx 75w140 nt gear oil wich says

(A heavy duty fully synthetic gear oil for use in competition synchromesh or dog engagement gearboxes which transmit high power and loads such as in rallying or endurance racing.)

and the 75w90nt says....

CRX 75W90 NT is a fully synthetic motorsport gear oil suitable for synchromesh and sequential gearboxes. Incorporating new Nano Technology additives to significantly reduce internal frictional and power losses whilst maintaining a high film strength for maximum component protection.

Recommended for use in modern transmissions where a fully synthetic oil is specified, especially for heavily modified road or trackday vehicles.

please need help on the differance between these and would like to now what would be best to use as i have not a clue...
lol cheers :smthumbup

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Under 500bhp, use CRX75w90NT.

I personally wouldn't stick in any bog standard gear oil, but there again I've stripped many a gearbox and seen and measured wear (down to 2 micron tolerances) after bog standard gear oil has been used.

Not only does the Millers give massively increased protection against breakage, the viscometrics suit the syncros in the Evo box to give a really nice gearchange, and the EP additives don't harm the syncros.

Also the nano technology in the oil really is superb. No other gear oil comes close, especially bog standard stuff.

(Millers CRX oil's Nano tech won the Nobel chemistry prize in 1996 and the oil itself won the most innovative product in 2009, beating Mclaren, Williams and some bog standard oil company!)
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