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Been ripped off!!!

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It is a sad day, it would appear that myself and another MLR member 'Mazza' have been ripped off by 'EVO Paul TME'.

Please see thread -

Both Mazza and myself have sent Cash via EFT to this guy for the parts advertised in the thread and have not recieved a any parts.

Total cash sent by both of us comes to almost a grand.

We have both sent numerous PM's and atempted to call this guy. Phone goes to answer phone, latest PM's are not replied to.

It would appear he has money off us for the same HKS EVC5 boost controller, he told Mazza he had another one. Who buys 2 booost controllers??

So in conclusion, I am really flookin ****** off, I have your address Paul and I will around to see if you really live there. I will also be contacting the police, because as far as i am concerned this is now a case of deception and theft.

Mods anything you can do about this??

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Name and shame!!

It SHOULD always be done, I have bought a number of things via the MLR and up to now all parts have been delivered.

Good luck with investigations
Teccie said:

Maybe we need some kind of system whereby members have to be asked or invited to join, as opposed to any tom dick or harry joinin and ripping us off :confused: :confused: :confused: :mad:
Carefull whose name you use ;)
1 - 2 of 186 Posts