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Been ripped off!!!

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It is a sad day, it would appear that myself and another MLR member 'Mazza' have been ripped off by 'EVO Paul TME'.

Please see thread -

Both Mazza and myself have sent Cash via EFT to this guy for the parts advertised in the thread and have not recieved a any parts.

Total cash sent by both of us comes to almost a grand.

We have both sent numerous PM's and atempted to call this guy. Phone goes to answer phone, latest PM's are not replied to.

It would appear he has money off us for the same HKS EVC5 boost controller, he told Mazza he had another one. Who buys 2 booost controllers??

So in conclusion, I am really flookin ****** off, I have your address Paul and I will around to see if you really live there. I will also be contacting the police, because as far as i am concerned this is now a case of deception and theft.

Mods anything you can do about this??

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I'm always wary about buying off other people unless their post count is high enough etc etc and their well respected.
Sending someone 500 quid for some items is like playing russian roulette. Hope you get the money back. :cry:
just found out where your money might have gone

Quoted from Evo Paul in the thread 'what would you do if you won a million on the lottery'

'Id put it all on the horses. A nice outsider and go from a millionaire to a billionaire'
:cry: :cry:
'It would seem he's either on holiday and not aware of this thread and his situation or he's done a runner. Personally I hope its the former and this thread will get deleted when Paul gets back from holiday and contacts everyone involed.'

Even if he is on holiday(which is highly unlikely) the guy has had plenty of time to send the goods and get in contact. Goods take around a day or two to arrive and can be easily tracked. He's had too many 'lost in the post' stories. Stop giving him the benefit of the doubt!!!!!! :angel: :angel:

'I still cant help but think that for him to go to all the trouble to join the site, post all of those posts, join in with day to day MLR banter just to get some credence to rip MLR members off for £1k seems a little strange'

If you read his posts they are all mainly in the for sale section or wanted. I bet he's not even got a TME.

When I got my PVC mudflaps a few years back , I found out where the plantpot was living. Drove over and got my money. Its the only way. :coolsm:
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Money gone simples as. One of you actually went round to this cads address. Should of got the money there and then rather than listening to a bs story to a guy who claimed to be a flat mate with norris's phone no on his mobile? :eek: :confused:
one of the guys on that Kiwi Traders advert made me laugh :crackup:

'Well i dont suppose i will get my copy of deep throat now. I hope you get plenty of practise in prison which is where i think you heading pucker up sport'

I cant understand why this guy still uses his EvoPaul name even on A kiwi website?
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