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I have an Evo VI and after giving the car a bit of a hard drive ,when I stop and let the car tick over I can hear a worn bearing type noise coming from the engine.The noise gets slightly louder when the rad fan comes on (as if the rad fan bearing is worn),but if I press the cltch pedal down the noise goes away.Any ideas and is this normal for a 5,500 mile car.


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Sounds like there's something a bit suspect with the thrust bearing if the noise goes away when you press the clutch.

To my way of thinking, you have two choices: try to find out what it is and fix it, or just wait till it breaks!!

Speak to Tony Cox at Coordsport - he'll know what it is.

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Sounds like you need a new clutch. Unfortunately they do not come under warranty so you will have to buy a new 1. Shame really, maybe you should have bought an EVO IV instead.

Anyway, GT Tuning is the company to use. Apparently, they can fit a R5 Group A clutch into your car for muchus denero.
Ask for Dave the trainee.

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If it is the clutch that has gone you may wnat to consider a twin plate clutch.
HKS do a twin plate at approx 1500-1800gbp (plus fitting) or it may be worth getting in touch with HELIX in the UK they are currently developing a twin plate clutch whicj should be significantly cheaper.

Even if you replace with a standard clutch you are looking at a bill of just over 900gbp of all the bits and labour (Ralliart changed my first clutch ater 2200 miles). An as 'Homie' says, there is not warranty on the clutch, even if yourt car is official Mitsubishi (I am still very peeved with Mitsubishi over this)


ps. Have you been doing any standing starts ???
Every Evo that Ralliart have 'loaned' to the car press has had to have its clutch replaced. (They are fitting the heavy duty Helix clutch)
The Clutch cannot take the strain of a standing start, it will fail. Mine lasted for Approx 10 to 15 starts, although I have never reved up to 6k before dumping the clutch)
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