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Well my battery on my 6 is looking a bit sick.
I charged it up at the weekend (the night before the rallyday!) and the car has been siting in the garage since saturday when I got back so I thought I better try it today before I go back to work.....pttttt.....nothing! I sort of expected it so I wasn't that annoyed. I got the charger out but I thought I would check the cells just to make sure....fine...fine...fine...fine...fine...ARGHH! The cell next the posi terminal was black as the ace of spades! I sucked out the acid to inspect the plates (I knew my vacuum pump/gauge would be handy for something!) hmmm doesn't look too promising, a bit black compared to the other cells and the acid was very murky. I decided I may need a new battery so I took it out to inspect it further...a slight bulge out of the side confirmed my thoughts! I have topped the cell up with distilled water and put it on charge in a safe place but I am going to get a new battery.
A few questions before I start searching tommorrow at my local suppliers:

What is the CCA (Cold Cranking Amperage) of the original battery (55B24L)?
Are there any batteries about with the same terminal sizes as the original or have I got to start chopping up the terminations?
I remember reading on here that people have replaced their battery with a Halfords item - HB054, do you know the spec. (CCA) and are the terminals the correct size for fitting on an Evo 6?
If new terminations are required where did you get them from?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I also found out I have the cold-area spec battery (55B24L as opposed to 44B20L)
P.P.S. It might be advisiable if you all check your batteries, its just a matter of unscrewing the cell tops with a 2p coin. The electrolyte level should be roughly at the bottom of the plastic tube and it should be crystal clear. A very slight bulging in the plates is acceptable but there should be no sign of damage.

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Heave Ho,

I copied this down from this site once, just incase what happened to you happens to me. It might help.

Halfords do a larger battery, that fits straight in. The battery is both physically larger and more powerful. HB054 I think it is.


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I've had to replace the standard battery on a couple of Evo's and always used a Halfords HB015 (I've never been able to find a HB054) which is almost the same size as the original. Only problem the terminals are bigger. The negative connection can be prised open (just) to fit and on the cars I've changed the batteries on the positive connector has a small sleeve, if you remove this it fits no trouble.

Hope this helps.


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Thank you both, you will both be getting christmas cards but Dave will get a better one

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A Lucas premium 54/4 is the most powerful battery you can fit in the std E6 battery tray and amp; clamp, although it is larger than the std battery it will fit with no mods , even has the right size terminals.
I brought mine from PDE Ltd @ Aldershot [ Lucas main dealer ] I`

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I don't suppose you have an address do you?

....not to worry I found them on

PDE (Farnham)
Pavillion Road
GU11 3NX

I will give them a ring in the morning and if they haven't got one its off to Halfords.



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Well thanks to Daved6 I just saved myself over £13!

Just to let you all know for future reference the following batteries will fit an Evo 6 (and I assume an E4/5):

Lucas Supreme Part Number 054/4
(CCA 335)
This is the same physical size as the OE battery however the terminals are the opposite way around so the battery has to be installed with the terminals near to the wheel arch as opposed to the front of the car. The terminals are the correct size and the bracket also fits OK around the slightly raised individual filler caps. Comes with a 4 year warranty.
Price from PDA(Farnham) £31.77 inc of VAT

Halfords Part Number HB054
(CCA 335)
This is a direct replacement for the OE item. The terminals are the right way around and the correct size and the bracket also fits OK as the fillers are flush with the top of the battery. Comes with a 3 year warranty.
Price from Halfords (Farnham) £44.99 inc of VAT

Halfords Part Number HB053
(CCA 380)
This is the same as the HB054 however the terminals are bigger and may require different terminations. I am mentioning this one because it is a more powerful battery at CCA of 380 if you want to fiddle with the terminations. Comes with a 3 year warranty.
Price from Halfords (Farnham) £44.99 inc of VAT

The following WILL NOT FIT:

Halfords Part Number HB015
Although it is roughly the same size as the OE item the bracket will not hold the battery as the fillers are in a raised unit on top of the battery stopping the bracket bar clamping down. It is possible that they have redesigned the battery since DaveG fitted them.

Thanks to everyone who replied so quickly, Daved6 I owe you a drink

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I have just noticed that the Fuse Link box attached to the Posi terminal has rubbed a hole in the air by-pass hose next to the bypass valve. I suggest everyone check to make sure that the same is not happening to yours. I am glad that the new battery means the Fuse Link box will be further away from the hose now.

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I stated that the Halfords batteries (HB054 and amp; HB053) had terminals the same way round to the OE battery. This is in fact incorrect, the Halfords batteries mentioned have the terminals the opposite way around to the OE battery and therefore they are the same as the Lucas item.

Sorry for the confusion.

btw having the terminals around the other way is better for the fuse link box clearance.
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