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I have been paying £500 £100xs for the last 3 years and have not made one claim whatsoever inc windscreen . I know that Barclaycard are no longer doing Motor Insurance so i have received a renewal notice directly from UK insurance ( Who was the underwriter for Barclaycard ) so same insurer.

Well this year they want £1450.00 £250xs !! Trebled for no reason and even being on the phone for 30 mins speaking to some sales geek have had no joy at all .

Apparantly i have been on some ' Special ' scheme through Barclaycard which no longer exists anymore . I even explained now that Barclaycard are not the agent UK insurance are saving money by not paying an agents fee.

Anyway not happy so anyone insured with Barclaycard on an Evo is gonna get a shock !!

Happy Hunting :D
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