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Bagshot Meet - The Cricketers 11/10/01

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Thought it was about time to organsie another meet in the Hants/Surrey area...

Joint meet with the Subaru lot at the The Cricketers on the A30 in Bagshot.. from around 7.30pm

Any takers??? Rich, Blade, Splodge, Bagpuss, Dave???

Maybe the Berkshire massive want to come on down !!!


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Sounds good mate! Let's see if the massive want to come down, Bagshot isn't far.

Should be in possession of the EVO then - though not sure if the new turbo will be on. God, it takes so long....
See you there Jase - car is now repaired!


Good the 7 is back in one piece... you got that titanium exhaust on yet ? if so any difference ha ha !!

Sounds good, and the carpark is nice and big (I was at the last one :) )

We need more Evo's though, I think we had 2 last time (me 'n Rich), or it may only have been me :)

May drag my brother down again too, he enjoys a couple of beers and talking petrol.

Heh, I may even remember to tart the car up a bit (it could do with a good wash 'n wax)...

The Scrub
If no-one minds an M3 spoiling the line-up, I'd love to come along too ... it's right on my way back from work. Thanks Blade for drawing my attention to this.

Arse! The EVO will be in the garage - so don't fink I will be there! Going back in tomorrow, for a few odds and sods that need sorting out, and some proper mapping. Not coming back till the 30th.

Blade Blade Blade.... tut tut

Are you still gonna make the RR day at PE on the 17th.. the list of cars is quite awesome from evo7's to heaily modded scoobs to Skyline GTI-R's

Drop me a mail and let me know

have you got any more info on this 17th meet.

JEvo - definitely. I am doing Donnington on the 19th, and my wife is ####ed off, so is going off the weekend (last she said!)
Something about 4 trackdays in so many weeks!

That means I should be okey dokey. We could grab a beer after too if u fancy it?

If you go for that clutch, it is actually at PE at the minute!

Yep we can do lunch old chap... may have my chick with me but hey she's an adrenaline junkie anyway ! Cheers for the offer on the clutch.. hold that thought !!
Be good to have your car up there on the day... some of the more tasteful scoobs may stick out some good power figures from what i hear !!! be nice to rib the old boys...


RR day has been organised by some scoobs.. see scoobynet thread called There Is No Excuse.. its mostly about scoobs being split into 3/4 categories of tune from mild to riduculous... however there will also be a group of reference cars i.e. Rich R's Evo 7... some base Scoobs.. Blowdogs new toy (Skyline!) and some 6's including mine which is stock and Blades which will be mildly (ha ha!) tuned by then...

Should be an interesting day

BTW any more takers for Bagshot !!!!
wish I could make the 11th

wish we could do them Sundays then I could probably make it

I guess as the nights draw in we may return to the sunday lunch format.. trouble is we kept getting kicked out of pubs with big car parks as landlords thought we would attract trouble !!

Anymore for anymore as this is tomorrow evening !!

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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