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The owner of the RC mod'd Evo 6 I was planning to buy has, today, decided to keep it so it's back to the drawing board for me. At least it means I can start from scratch and build the car to my spec now.

My options are:

1. Buy a used, standard Evo 6 and hand it over to a company like RC Developments to carry out either a stage 3 or stage 4 conversion. Aiming for 370bhp plus (No sensible reason, just for the hell of it :D)
2. Buy an already, reputably, mod'd car with similar power.
3. Buy an Extreme 450 Evo 6.

Any advice as to what you would do if you were starting from scratch? Max budget of £30k for car and conversion.

Thanks. :)

P.S. Does the 2.2 steering lock of the Mak's, etc make a big improvement?

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i'd get the white rs450 that ralliart have - nicely strengthened, AP's, motec , a pro job and an amazing base for a super evo. ALl you need to do is change the suspension on it. You will always get your dosh back on the RS450.

Sourcing a new base car will be more fun but you'll need to spend 10 grand on it to get it near to the RS450 spec and even then it simply won't be as highly specced. Also it wont have 4 grands worth of wheels and bodykit on it.

good luck - youre in a nice position

I reckon the quick rack does make a difference and well worth getting, improved feel of the steering but also change bushes as well and top mounts.

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Hi Voltair,the RS 450 has 385 torque,350bhp....they are no longer made as you know,and it would be difficult to find one that hasn't had the life thrashed out of it,early ones I was informed had problems.

£30,000 is the sort of budget that means you can buy a car for £22,000 and alocate £8000 for tuning.I would find a nice standard example and start from there.Tuning the car yourself even if you use a tuner I feel is more fun.You dont have the budget for a RC Stage 4,but you do for a Stage 3 which now includes the Apexi Power Fc Ecu.You could also fit AP Brakes,suspension ,strut braces etc.Remember if you increase the power you will need enough budget left to ,upgrade brakes and suspension.

The RS 450 I have driven two,is a bit of a dog on the road,but a good track car the same as the Extreme S.

This is just my opinion,I have a TME with the RC stage 2 I am going stage 3 ,but the Suspension ,brakes,and braces means an extra £3500 on what I have spent which to date is about you see you could just do it for £8-9k.You could buy a modded Evo 6 for less,but you dont know how hard the car has been abused,you can drive an Evo very quick without abusing it,but some will have the life thrashed out of them with dodgy fuelling and such. check a car very carefully on a rolling rd ,checking for fuelling and detonation,and do a compression test.

Good Luck Barry

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I would go for the RS450. You are getting a lot of car for that money. Even if you buy a 6 for £22000, as Barry suggests, spend £8K on tuning, you are still a long way short. While you might be close to the performance, you won't have strengthened engine internals, you won't have the body kit, you won't have the wheels. What you will have is a car valued at about £22,000 which you have spent £8,000 on. Time and again we see high spec cars going second hand for very little diference to a standard car. In fact, since I have been posting I have noticed a trend towards removing some of the kit and selling it seperately! You will see more of your money back on the 450.

The 2 biggest plus points on the RS450 are the strengthened engine internals and the ECU. This gives you lots of potential for the future if you wanted. At a later time you could do what Blade has done, bigger turbo etc and the engine and ECU would be good for really big power. Going the other route, IMO, this would not be possible

As for driving the RS450, make up your own mind. Don't take somebody elses opinion on it. I was told that you couln't live with an Exteme on a daily basis, but it is more civilised than my friends Type R. As for them having the life thrashed out of them, this tends to be no more than any Evo. As Barry says, just check it out properly, its easy enough to get checked out. In fact, I would suspect that almost all RS450's, of which there weren't that many, have been very well maintained. You don't spend that sort of money and then neglect it!

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Thanks for all the advice/thoughts so far folks.

I noticed the white Extreme 450 at Ralliart on their website but think this may now be sold as it is no longer listed.

Just to make matters more complicated, I'm planning to make the Evo as discreet as possible so I'll probably be de-badging it, removing the rear-spoiler and have pretty much decided on black in colour. And if I'm buying a used Evo 6 GSR, I won't be spending more than circa £18k on it which may tip the tuning costs in its favour - dunno. I normally buy my cars privately so the Extreme 450 at Ralliart was £32k which would suggest that they probably paid around £28k for it. Is circa £28k the going rate for an E450 in a private sale?

The Evo will be more road car than track car so it has to be relatively friendly to drive on the urban crawl too although not too friendly - a bit raw is part of the fun. ;)

Anyone own an Extreme 450 Evo 6 on the forum?

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My dealer had two,both came back in short time for new gearboxes,if you use all that torque the standard box is put under a lot of strain.I drove one for a morning they are very cammy,lumpty tickover,and noisy,the suspension is very hard,no way can you compare this car with a Extreme,the standard Extreme is quite docile by comparison.I would honestly think that for the road you would soon get a bit fed up with it,it is not a motorway car far to nervous.The best thing is to try and find a dealer who has one and go for a drive,when I bought my TME there was a RS 450 in stock it was £34,000 same price as the TME,after driving it I bought the TME ,as I said great for the track.

It has been suggested that It would be a good base on which to go for more power,that is correct,but to be honest for the road,the RS 450 has enough,and unless you are going to build a track car like Blade,there would be no need to go further.

Simon why I agree with a lot you say,a well maintained car could still be shagged,stamps in the service book dont mean everything,there were 2 RS 450's at my dealership,that could'ny be driven one was a write off the guy only had it for a week,brand new...and the other was damaged nearly beyond repair.Both cars were purchased by yuppies that took delivery thrashed them without running them in,and then crashed them.

It is the sort of car that attracts people like that.They are not really enthusiasts its a status thing,a new toy .Ther is no saving by buying an Exreme and then upgrading it,to buying a standard car and having the work done,and who cares about a body kit.Yes you are right in saying that you dont get a return on the money you spent on tuning ,but then most people I know dont really care about that,they are called enthusiasts,they enjoy preparing there own cars,or using a tuner that they can consult,like Blade has.

Im sure Blade is not considering residual values.I can understand your point though and it is a good one.Is the reason you have done nothing to your car because you won't get the money back?If that is the case obviously your choice of buying a ready tuned car like the Extreme was the right one.:)

For me playing with the car is immense fun,in fact more fun than driving it,and Im sure many would agree with me.;)

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What are all the differences between the normal GSR and a TME? I only know about the quicker steering rack and different front splitter/spoiler. I know there's a couple of other things but can't remember what they are exactly. (Sorry, hazy memory, too many late nights. :) ) The TME's seem to be about £4k more than an equivalent used GSR.

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1)lower ride height (10mm) but compliance is the same (center fo
gravity lower though so slightly better feel) - tarmac setup

2) small titanium turbocharger (not the RS tit turbo)

3) inverted front shocks

4) white ENkei alloys

5) revised exhaust sustem for reduced back pressure (just a different back box)

6) red stitching on gear lever and seats etc.. and other interior
cosmetic details (seats saying Makinen etc..)

7) different front spoiler with air intake hole

8) Front strut brace

9) 2.2 quick rack

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jackal - without wanting to offend any body all the points you listed about the TME mean sh*te in real terms , I`ve passed every Evo I`ve ever encountered on all the trackdays I`ve been to and I run only a slightly modded E6 GSR ?

What I`m trying to say is all the things you mentioned are the things you will upgrade even further for serious road / track use anyway , so starting with the cheapest platform is the best way in my opinion.

Although I would start with an RS next time , no ABS and amp; AYC but it depends how far you want to go :D

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Agree with much of what you say. From what I have read the TME turbo is better for tuning and the quick rack is very worth while but as you say, the rest isn't worth having if you are going to get into seriously moding your car. The RS is the best option.

I know they made TME RS LHD. Did they make any RHD?

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yes,maybe i should have said, for a fast road car ,and yes,it depends how much modding you want to do.

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daved - agree 100%, i was just doing the list border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >

if you want a trackcar then RS it is, you save money for proper mods, it has the bigger tit turbo which is better than Mak turbo for big power tuning, is lighter, has no AYC and amp; ABS which are a pain on track and also it has teh quick rack, the one decent TME option. Thats why i been trying to flippin well buy one for the last 2 months :( and why i think now that the only car for me worth changing to it a steel wheel and amp; crap non-brembo braked 7 RS.

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If you go down the route of buying a car and upgrading for fast road use have a word with Just Custard or Barny. I was VERY FORTUNATE this week end to experience the work they have done on an EVO V. There was no camminess as has been described before with the RS450, the steering was spot on (makes my std VI feel sluggish :) ) and the power and tourque have to be experienced! The suspension was also well balanced. It truly is an every day car for the road and would probably be awesome on the track. Also when describing the work that had been done, JC mentioned other tuning company's for their help first!

The worst part now is going to be saving up for similar mods to be done to mine. The best part will be being able to beneift from the work that has already been done and proved to be reliable.

Once again thank you guys, it was a truly memorable experience even better than my first test drive in my EVO.

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Jackal, JC achieved better results with his Mak turbo than I did with my tit turbo... though there were several things wrong with my car, namely fuel and cam timing.

JC - with the new cam timing, but a 272 exhaust cam - it has a better idle than before with the 264 cam!

Timing - marvellous :D

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Hi Dave,good job you did'nt encounter me in my TME:)

Next time you are at Snetterton I will give you half a lap start,just to give you a fighting chance, Barry.

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Thanks for all the helpful advice guys. Also, as a result of this thread, a forum member has been in touch about their car which may well fit the bill. :)

P.S. Jackal - Warrender have an Evo 6 RS for sale if you're looking for one. 00(V) @ £19,995


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Hi Kevin,Im hoping to be there ,should have the AP's and Cusco suspension on by then,which means I can give you a lap start.....He..HE ..only joking,I know you are quick..and so is your car,but Dave I'll take him easy,but why would I bother I have nothing to prove.Trackdays are fun days if someone wants to race get a competition licence..and go through a racing school..I know I did.

Who said Daves car was quick/...I didn't..when I last saw it the engine was virtually standard,if he has passed every Evo on every track day,there must be a lot of slow Evo's out there maybe he is mixing in the wrong company!:)

Come on Dave, ...your turn:)
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