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l'm one of the unlucky sods whose EVO 5 is subject to the AYC recall.. l just wondered whether there was anyone out there who'd been sorted by Mitsu'UK. So far l have sent numerous E-mails- with following reponses...

'Dear Mr Brodmann

Thank you for your e-mail received 15 February 2001.

I am sorry that the position regarding the AYC control on the Mitsubishi
Lancer Evo V has still not be resolved. We are still awaiting the supply of
the parts from the manufacturer. Your vehicle details are on record here,
and as soon as the parts have been received we will contact you to arrange
the replacement of the AYC control.


and more recently..

'Dear Mr Brodmann

Thank you for your e-mail received 10 April 2001.

I am sorry that it has been necessary to contact ourselves once more
regarding the AYC recall on the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V (chassis
number CP9A-********

Unfortunately, the position is really unchanged. We, as the importer for
Mitsubishi to the UK, are continually pursuing this matter with Mitsubishi
in Japan, but have yet to receive either the relevant parts for the recall,
or advice on when they are expected. Until Mitsubishi in Japan supply these
parts, we are unable to progress matters. As soon as this situation has
been resolved, we will contact you to arrange for the fitment of the
modified AYC control.

Again, my apologies for the delay and any inconvenience this may be causing.


Anyone else out there with similar experience?

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I managed to get my Evo5 fixed last month under the recall by Ralliart, but only because its one of the cars originally imported by them (or their predecessor?? Global Performance systems). I believe they have about 50 ECUs ready to replace if you have a chassis number from their list. Sadly if you have a non UK supplied car I think you are stuck with the wait,

Good luck


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In the meantime, it may be worth disconnecting your AYC by removing the fusible link, since CCC will only be supplying ( as I understand it ! ) the AYC ECU. This won't be of much use if your
diff components are already wore out.
If the wait gets too much, it may be worth switching your diff to
the RS lsd ( none-AYC diff ). I believe aftermarket ones ( Cusco )
can be got for of the order of £1k, still painful, but better than
£3k for an AYC diff.

-Good Luck

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Interestingly, the Cusco LSD now features on the Ralliart price list. Its a straight fit, whereas fitting a RS diff is a bit more difficult requiring different drive shafts to be used?

I agree with Mr Mime, its pretty pointless changing the ECU if the mechanical bits are already worn/knackered, cos you'll be back to square 1.

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You should fit the cusco lsd that replace the ayc,as cusco has a really good reputation for lsd units.
Why don't you try to get the cusco lsd by dragon or rc developments,and try to have a special price for a group buy?

It will cost some money but the result will be probably beetter than standard,you won't have to wait using your evo without lsd.

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I'm afraid this exactly the answer I had been getting from CCC for more than a year before I sold the car. Sounds like a stock answer to me. If it is true perhaps they need to change manufacturers!!


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I've got exactly the same story, as have several other people on this Forum. I know that on my previous post on the subject there was a good deal of interest raised on the plight of us 'Grey' Evo owners. I've known (and CCC) since December last year that my car is one of the afflicted. However, since then I get the same old story that there is nothing that they can do about it.

Is there anything that the MLR can do Darin? As I know that you were going to look at how you could get involved after my last post on the subject a few months back (CCC are CR*P)

I just can't believe that this has taken 6 months so far, and the majority of us are still at square one, e.g. Yes your car is affected, there's f**k all we can do about it......SORRY!(Where's a ranting smiley when you want one!)

Short of legal action, which I am very reluctant to initiate, I am unsure as to how to procede.

Andy Hedges
L 300 EVO

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Andy, StuB and everyone,

Having spoken to Darren Hughes about this recently he tells me that they (CCC) are constantly asking Japan for news about when they will receive the replacement AYC ECU's - or any news at all! Apparently CCC are getting almost as wound up by this as everyone whose cars are on the list, and have now taken to mailing Mitsubishi, Japan copies of the threads MLR members and other users are posting on this Forum, in an attempt to give them some idea of the general (worsening) feeling here in the UK.

I'll contact Richard or Darren again this week for an update, but in the meantime I can only suggest that greivances continue to be posted here. If you would like to send me 'full details' directly, please do so either by; email [email protected] or by post: PO Box 2740, Radstock, Bath, BA3 2XZ, I'll collate them and hand them into CCC personally.

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Thanks for all your replies.. didn't quite realise how 'global' this issue is.. However, l do have an update- and dare l say, it looks promising. Please find the latest reply from CCC..12 June 2001

'Dear Mr Brodmann

Thank you for your e-mail received 12 June 2001.

I am advised by the Technical Manager that the modified AYC parts for the
Evolution IV and V models are in transist to this company from Mitsubishi in
Japan, and these should arrive within the next couple of weeks, and be
forwarded to the relevant Mitsubishi dealers.

I appreciate that you have been waiting for quite some time for the part to
arrive, and for this to be progressed, and I would offer my apologies for
the inconvenienced caused. As soon as the parts have been received by this
company, the matter will addressed, and customers such as yourself will be
contacted in writing.

The Managing Director of The Colt Car Company Ltd in Mr J Tyrrell.
Mitsubishi Motor Corporation in Japan are at the following address (an
e-mail address is not available):

33-8 Shiba
Tokyo 108


So lets see.. l'll give it to the end of the month...

Lets keep each orher posted..


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Stu and others!

I've just received this email from CCC...

Finally it looks like the waiting is (nearly) over border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >

Andy Hedges

Dear Mr Hedges


Thank you for your letter received on 21 June 2001.

I would like to apologise for the delay we have experienced obtaining parts
from Japan and for any inconvenience caused.

I can now confirm after speaking to our Parts Department that the relevant
parts have now arrived in our warehouse and you will shortly be receiving a
letter from ourselves with further instruction.

I trust this information is of assistance and apologise again for the
inconvenience caused.

Yours sincerely

Customer Services Advisor
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