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ayc problem

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i bought evo 6 from 99 thew months ago and it is my first evo, i did not now how the ayc work . the light in the dash never came on, i read in this forum how to check the bulb and surprise the bulb was missing, i supposed removed by the previous owner. i put the bulb and the light stays on
on i start the engine the ayc light comes on the switches off , and after 30-60 seconds as i start moving the car the ayc light is on again,i hear the pump weaning from the moment y start moving the car until the light appears on the dash
i checked the error code and it shows code 82. this code is normally for switch ayc pump or for the faulty pump?
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Hey mate, you can download the manual from the home page but there are plenty of threads about this (maybe not about E6's) but it will point you in the right direction. Heres 1 to get ya started and theres a sticky at the top of the technical questions" thread.
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