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I have a Tommi Mak GSR which therefore has AYC and ABS. I want to try the car without AYC so going by previous threads i had a (quick) look at the fuse for the AYC and ABS which is on the positive battery connection. The idea was to take out the 60A fuse for the AYC thus disabling the system.

What a can't understand is that the fuse block has two 60A fuses in it (one for AYC and one for ABS according to the diagrams on the fuse cover) but there only appears to be one cable coming out of the back of the fuse holder. What gives? If i take out the 60A fuse for the AYC what will happen as there is still the fuse for the ABS or do i have to disconnect the entire fuse block from the positive terminal and lose both systems?

This i can probably live with, but an explanation about how the two fuses are expected to work independently from each other would be appreciated. Sorry if i sound totally stupid, but with a basic knowledge of DC circuits i still can't see how both fuses are needed.

I would only like to lose the ABS and someone at Ralliart once told me that you can actually do this as the AYC and ABS are only connected together by one wire which is used by the systems to talk to each other. Is there another way to disable (safely) the AYC?
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