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ive got the following items left

complete power intake boxed as new, small dent in bottom off fitment, but its on the underside, less than 500 miles of use - awaiting payment

battery tray, idea if your moving your battery to the boot or rear foot well - sold

drivers side mirror off evo 8, amethyst black, electric fold in, electric glass these are 140 +vat at mitsa, will take 50delivered

passenger side mirror as above, no glass, the bit between the door and the mirror is snapped, and the back problies scratched, dunno if its any use to any 1, so 20 quid delivered

momo pedals as new, in box £SOLD

oops nearly forgot a set of evo 8 springs, standrd, good condition 30 plus del, cheap as ya like

will accept sensible offers on all above as they're jus cluttering up me room
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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