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AVA RR Day Pics

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Managed to get a few (not all) of the cars at the Scots MLR RR day @ AVA. If anyone want a high resolution image (2MB) of their car drop me a pm ;)
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lunatic said:
Each to their own but that lancer is easily the harshest ridiculous example I have ever seen. Pretty shocking really, a real waste.
What's wrong with a toyota carina all of a sudden???
Fair point - what's maybe not clear from the vids is that it is in fact a hybrid vehicle with an electric motor in the boot. One full power run gives enough battery power for the whole of next week :)

Cheers :)

p.s. a wee bit of fettling would improve the cold start map and release another 50bhp or so at the top end :D

p.p.s. when your psychosis resolves you will realise that the Carina is, in fact, the work of the Devil :eek: ;)
1 - 2 of 57 Posts
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